Monday, 15 December 2014

Review | Tangle Teezer!

Heyy guys!
So a few months ago I decided to purchase the Tangle Teezer. As you know, the tangle teezer has been around for a while now, and has been marketed as a detangling brush.

About the brush...
"... boasts a revolutionary teeth formation that delivers speedy and gentle results. Helps minimise hair breakage caused by mistreatment when detangling. Promotes healthy looking hair by noticeably increasing shine, leaving it looking silky smooth after styling."- Tangle Teezer Ltd.

My thoughts
I have to say, I actually really like this brush. Dare I say, I think I may prefer it over my Denman D31 brush! 
It has the ability to detangle even my thick hair! However, as the teeth on this brush are very small I do find that it does not go through my hair completely, and so I have to use the brush on smaller sections. I definitely could not use this brush to brush through my free hair. As you can see in the picture above, I have to hold my hair as I don't fully trust the brush (or myself) to detangle my hair without any support. Also, with each section I have to brush on top and underneath, if that makes sense, just to get through my hair as the teeth are so small. This isn't a massive disadvantage, for me, as the benefits outweigh this small obstacle.
The Tangle Teezer always seems to leave my hair feeling so smooth. It gets through my ends well, and has a nice massaging feeling on my scalp. I feel that this brush works better for me on damp/ moisturised hair and NOT dry hair (without product).
The Tangle Teezer itself has a trendy design with a nice grip. Some have complained that it slips out of the hand but this has not been a problem for me. It is very compact and fits comfortably in my palm, as well as in my bag. The teeth are plastic but very sturdy, and so there is no fear that they will snap or be crushed whilst in my bag.

If you want to find out more about the tangle teezer feel free to visit their website
So have any of you tried the Tangle Teezer? If so, what did you think of it?

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Christmas Gift Guide: Hair Care

Heyy guys!
With Christmas just two weeks away, I thought I'd share with you some gift ideas geared towards those who love hair care. I've been wanting to do a post like this for the last two years, but always left it too late. Hopefully this time around I've left enough time to give a bit of inspiration for any of you who are a little stuck on what to get your loved ones. I've separated the gifts into categories (gift sets, products, appliances, tools and miscellaneous), and provided links below, where possible.

I think gift sets are the perfect little gift for a product junkie or someone who loves to sample new things. Most gift sets come with miniature forms of popular products from the company's range, usually at a discounted price. Here a few I have chosen...

Entwine Couture have brought forward sample sizes of their popular products together in a kit. I actually have this kit, and would definitely recommend it as a gift. The kit includes a styler, argon oil, butter creme, holding gel, shampoo and conditioner. 
2. Shea Moisture Hair Kits £25.95 (Visit their website to check out their range hair kits)
I love the Shea Moisture brand. Although on the pricey side, they never fail to deliver. Shea Moisture offer hair kits to suit many needs. I've linked their transition kit which includes 16oz bottles of their Deep Treatment Masque, Moisture Retention Shampoo, Restorative Conditioner and Reconstructive Finishing Elixir.
For the adventurous, Shea Butter Cottage have put together a starter kit which includes many a number of exotic butters and oils. The kit includes avocado butter, mafura butter, hibiscus oil to name a few, and a small jar to store your mixture in. Just right for any kitchen beauticians out there.
4. LUSH Curly Wurly (Shampoo) £10.25/ 220g, H'suan Wen Hua (Hair Treatment) £9.75/ 225g, R&B (Moisturiser) £11.50/ 100g
Another brand I love is LUSH. Ethical company with no animal testing, their products are all fresh and vegetarian friendly AND handmade. What's not to like? I love that they offer products for afro-Caribbean hair too. R&B, H'Suan Wen Hua and Curly Wurly are three just to name a few (They are not part of a gift set, but can be purchased separately). These are definitely on my wishlist, and would make a great gift for the ingredient-conscious.

5. Hair Therapy Wrap £21.99 
I feel like I go on about this heating cap so much on my blog. You can read my mini review on it here. It's a great little gift for those who want to cut down their DC time or for someone who loves a good hair mask.
I'm sure you've seen this being reviewed  hundered times on YouTube. The ergonomic design of this hair dryer means that it is a lot easier to use. This would be a great gift for someone who loves blowdrying their hair often, or finds it difficult reaching that tricky back section. It's trendy, and unlike any hair dryer currently out there.
7. Hand Blender from £14.00
Know a kitchen beautician? Someone who loves cooking up batches upon batches of their own hair butters and creams? Why not give the gift of a hand blender. I own one by Cookworks, and it has definitely been a massive help with my Shea Butter mixes and DIY deep conditioners.
8. Tiered Storage £26.00
Yes, this is a cake stand. This gift idea was actually inspired by this image I saw on Google. This would be an ideal gift for someone who possesses an amass of products which need a little organisation. Would go great on a vanity table,as well as in the bathroom.

Hair care books are a great gift for those wanting to learn a bit more about the science and make up of hair. Often written by women with a broad knowledge of black hair, who have been on hair journeys themselves, these books are very informative and would be perfect for someone starting off their hair journey.

So those a just a few gift ideas. Hopefully this has given someone, somewhere some inspiration. Feel free to share some of your wish list items below!
Happy shopping!
Take Care.
** I do not own the pictures used in this post. All images were sourced from the links provided**

Monday, 8 December 2014

DIY | Sharpening Hair Scissors

Heyy guys!
So in the lead up to my transition chop I had made plans to buy all new hair scissors but luckily I came across this top tip which made me put my coins back in my purse.

You will need...
Hair Shears
Regular ol' kitchen foil

Firstly cut a sheet of foil and fold it at least four times. Then take your dull scissors and begin to slowly cut through the foil from one end to the other. Repeat this across the width of the foil piece. 

And that's it! You'll find that you now have fresh, sharpened blades ready for use.
Please note that this should not be done too regularly as it may graze the blades over time.
Other tools which you can use include, sandpaper, whetstone, pins and glass cylinders (like a drinking glass).

Have any of you guys tried this before? Feel free to share any other useful hair care tool hacks below!
Take Care.

Monday, 1 December 2014

Transition | Completed!

Heyy guys!
Hope you're well. I know... very long time no post, eh! I can't believe the last time I blogged was in May! Very naughty of me, I know! Things have been very busy my end and so blogging had to be put to the side, unfortunately. I don't want to say that I'll be back to regular blogging just yet, but I do have a few updates to share with you, the first being my transition chop! :D

So, I transition-chopped back in August at 2 years 2 months post relaxer. The pictures above were taken in October. Oh and please excuse my creased top and pj bottoms.

So just to give a bit of background to any new readers or those who may not know, I had been relaxed more or less my whole life. My mum relaxed my hair at a very young age and so the only memories I have of my natural hair are gained through looking at baby photos. During my time at University I decided to start looking after my hair after some shedding and breakage as a result of a weave install I had. This was around the time I started this blog, and I began to document my hair journey in a number of blog posts. Then, around a year later I decided to stop relaxing altogether and begin transitioning to natural. To read why, feel free to read the blog post explaining all here.

My transition chop happened fairly quickly, to be honest with you. I had just taken out my braids and just decided to snip before going to bed. As I had mentioned in previous updates, I had cut a fair amount of my relaxed ends off already, so there really wasn't much left to do. Surprisingly, my transition chop wasn't as emotional as I thought it would be. There was no crying, but a lot of touching of the hair, prolonged stares into the mirror and over-exaggerated hair tosses...dont judge me... I couldn't get over how light and bouncy my hair was lol. The next morning I washed my hair. My first hair washing with completely natural hair. It was a delight not having to be extra cautious and wary of breakage. I love how my hair feels when wet. Although I had been transitioning for two years, the texture still felt alien to me.

I have to say, I don't regret my decision to go natural at all! I love the versatility, the thickness, the softness, and the health of my natural hair, and I'm excited to begin this new 'journey'.
When I did the big snip, I noticed a few days later that my hair looked a bit choppy. This is something I touched upon in my previous update. You can probably tell from the last photo that the twists seem to be shorter at the front. It's more noticeable (to me) when my hair is down, but it all seems to be the same length when up in a puff. This is something I'll be monitoring going forward, and I'll be sure to update you on this. As mentioned in my last post, I don't think this is a result of over-cutting as, believe me, I'm very careful when scissors come anywhere near my hair. It may just be how my hair grows, but I have plenty of time to get acquainted with my natural hair and it's growth rate(s) now that I am not relaxing anymore.

The amount of products I use has definitely decreased. I'm trying to keep things as simple as possible.My favourite moisturiser has definitely been the Curl Enhancing Smoothie by Shea Moisture. It has helped dry hair days immensely. I love teaming it up with Shea butter to seal in the moisture. I may do a full blog post on my hair regime shortly.

So currently my hair is back in braids. I thought I might as well continue protective styling to the end of the year. But anyway, what about you all? How's your hair doing? Any newly naturals around like myself? Let me know!

Take care.


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