Monday, 19 May 2014

Review | Shea Moisture Transitioning Milk

Heyy guys!
So today I thought I'd review a relatively new addition to my stash: the Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Extra Moisture Transitioning Milk. Sooo...

What is it, and what does it promise to do?

"An extra moisturising styling cream for dry, damaged hair. Strengthens as it promotes healthy growth while transitioning chemically treated hair to natural. Smoothes and restores brilliant shine."

Directions vs. how I use it.

"Apply as a no- rinse protective styling cream to damp hair. Use as needed". I have tried it this way as well as as a normal moisturiser during my evening moisturising and sealing routine.

My thoughts

I think I first came across this product whilst browsing the Shea moisture website, and then I saw fellow UK blogger, Takara from Curls Chords and Clothes review it and I remember thinking 'I've gottsta try this!' But, at that point in time it was sooo hard to get hold of in the UK. Luckily a month later, Curly Emporium began to stock it and I did not hold back in grabbing myself a bottle.

I definitely like this as a leave in/ light moisturiser. As I mentioned in my 22 months post relaxer blog post, my hair prefers the thicker, creamier products and while this is very creamy it doesn't quite have the thickness I normally desire. As I'm nearing the end of my transition my priority is my natural hair over my relaxed and so part of my judgement is based upon whether I would continue using it once I've said sayonara to the strings. Don't get me wrong, I love this hair milk and would possibly repurchase if I was feeling in a 'spendy-spendy' kind of mood. I picked mine up back in November for a whopping £12.99, and with that you get 236 ml worth of product. But hey, i'm not complaining (...yet) as I haven't even reached the half way mark yet.
What the hair milk lacks in thickness (and mercy on my purse strings) is definitely made up for in moisture. As it advertises, it is very moisturising. I loved using this as my moisturiser when I re did my braids.
Would I say this was correctly geared towards transitioners? Well based on my experience, yes. I would definitely say it worked on my transitioning hair, serving the needs of both of my textures at the time. It doesn't weigh down my relaxed ends at all which was great. The hair milk also passed my greasy-touch test which I would hope is self- explanatory. In fact, my hair tends to feel very soft when I use this product which doesn't particularly help my hand- in- hair syndrome.

The aroma is great too with hints of vanilla, which is right up my street! I'm sure you know by now how important I find the smell of my hair products. The scent is sweet but warm, as with most Shea Moisture products. It doesn't smell artificial or 'perfumey' in any way.
It's all natural, with a long list of the substances it doesn't contain displayed proudly on the side of the bottle. From no sulphates, parabens, gluten or animal ingredients, to name a few. So for all you chemical conscious hair care lovers, this will be right up your alley.

So have any of you tried this/interested in giving this a try? Let me know!
Take care. 

Monday, 5 May 2014

Transition | 22 Months post

Heyy guys!
Long time no post eh! Hope you're all well and enjoying this bank holiday weekend! I have been itching to blog for so long now, and so I thought what better time to check in than at 22 months post relaxer. The end of my transition is creeping up on me and oh how time has flown by! I haven't been taking many pictures since my last update, and since I was getting ready for another round of braids I thought I should whip out my camera and take a couple snaps.

The pictures above show my hair (lightly) blow-dried. Ten points to anyone who can correctly name as many of the products in the background as they can. As I've mentioned before, I had been cutting away most of my relaxed ends whenever I re-did my braids. I just didn't realise just how much I had snipped until I took out my braids, and after seeing this picture. My hair was almost fully natural at the back with just a few stringy relaxed ends left. Even though my hair was blow dried, my ends were noticeably thin and just looked odd. So, as I was braiding the bottom section of my hair I decided to cut off any relaxed ends I came into contact with along the way. I can now say that the back section of my hair is fully natural. Woo, no going back now.  Lol, to be honest I really should stop saying that... like I'm still in two minds 1 year and 10 months later. Anyway, I'm sure this will now make future wash days a lot easier. It's amazing how difficult my relaxed ends made my wash day.
Although the pictures you see above were pre- 'my impulsive mini chop' I feel that my hair looks a bit choppy in the middle. This may just be how my hair grows or I might have even cut a bit too much off previously. I'm hoping it's the former. At the moment its not my biggest problem but it'll be something I'll monitor, and I'll also be extra cautious when cutting the remainder of my relaxed ends off.

I have to say I'm very happy with how my transition is going otherwise. The braids have definitely made it a lot easier. I can just tie up my braids in the morning and I'm good to go. I know I'll need to shake off my slightly laxed approach to hair care soon though. I've missed my hair recently.. sounds weird but as it's been hidden away under plaits for so long I almost forgot what it felt like to run a comb through my hair. It's been nice having a bit of a break recently as it allowed me to try out new products, tools and techniques, all of which will be blogged about in due course. I've also come to learn a little more about my hair. For example I can't seal with just an oil anymore. It just isn't enough. Shea butter is now my sealant of choice. Similarly my hair benefits from thicker products in general, and so I now tend to purchase and gravitate towards using thicker, creamier deep conditioners or moisturisers as I know anything thinner just wont cut it.
I've also learnt that my curl pattern is more or less only existent when wet. My hair is very coarse, as expected, but I have different textures all over my head. I would say in general my hair is on the 4a/4b side of the chart. I have to admit I'm still not fully educated on the forever- changing hair typing system, so let me know if you would disagree.

I think that's it for this months update. Another fairly quiet few months for me :)
So, how's your hair doing? Do you have an update post? Feel free to leave a link.
Take care


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