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Transition | Months 13- 18

Top L-R: Hair after take down of braids, Banding method @ 18 months post, Blowdried roots @ 16 Months post
Bottom L- R: 'Curl Pattern' @ 16 months post, Shea Butter Mix, Kinky Hair Extensions by KingMeHair

Heyy guys! Happy New Year!
So I haven't shared a transitioning update since I hit 12 months post and so I thought I'd do a round up of months 13- 18. The past six months have been relatively quiet hair care wise as I had another two rounds of braids. I am now on my sixth round of braids in my transition. I really did not think I would be transitioning with braids but I guess that's the route I'm taking. They've definitely made things a lot easier.

Here's a summary of the Prep, Care and Take down of my fourth round of braids... 
Braids Round 4 (August- October) 
Prep: Hot oil treatment on my scalp and a deep conditioner on my ends + My hair therapy wrap for heat. Cowashed afterwards and installed braids the next day
Care: Mosturised and sealed (scalp) every few days and applied JBCO to scalp every Weds, Fri and Sun.
Take down: October- Took out braids with the help of Aloe Vera Juice to detangle.Washed my hair the next day, did an Apple Cider Vinegar rinse, protein treatment and conditioned with Tresemme Naturals Conditioner.

After my fourth round of braids I decided that I needed a little break from braids as I'd been doing them consecutively since the beginning of the year with about 1-2 weeks break in between. I ended up keeping my hair out for month BUT in that time I went a bit crazy and bought a lot of hair related things. I tried my best to stick to sample sizes where possible, but the amount I bought was bordering on embarrassing/ worrying, even for a blogger haha. I'll try and muster up some type of haul post, that's if all of the items actually fit in the frame!

During my break I also blowdried my hair for the first time since the beginning of the year! This was due to a LOT of bad hair days. I know I've said in previous updates that my transition has been going good, which it has, but I'm telling you in the month that my hair was out I experienced some of my worst hair days! lol. Blending the two textures was a myth and my styles just did not sit right, so much so that I began to adopt a 'that'll do' mentality. So anyway I liked the results the blow dry gave.It lasted a whole week and I used my Shea Butter mix as a moisturiser to prevent my hair from reverting. I also tried the banding method to keep my new growth stretched as it got to the end of the week. 
I didn't manage to take many snaps of my blow-dried hair, just the odd one on my iPhone. Above I've put together a texture comparison. The picture on the left was taken a week after my last relaxer in 2012 and the right shows my blown out roots at 16 months post relaxer. I almost forgot how fine and silky my hair once was!
November called and I decided to put my hair back in braids for round 5 (November- December)
Prep: I can't actually remember how I prepped my hair beforehand but I believe it would've been similar to that in round 4
Care: I began cleansing my scalp every other week with shampoo followed by an ACV rinse. I also started using a conditioner, water and olive oil mix to moisturise my scalp and the length of my braids
Take down: December- Took braids out using Kinky Curly Knot today to help detangle. Washed hair the following day, ACV rinsed and deep conditioned afterwards

I am now on my sixth round of braids but in an attempt to try something new I purchased some weave back in November during the infamous Black Friday sales (pictured above, bottom right). I can't even remember the last time I wore a weave, it's been that long. I haven't decided yet whether I'll make them into clip-ins or attempt the U-part again. What would you guys suggest?

I am now 5 months away from my big chop, how exciting. I had the urge again over Christmas to do it early but I decided to hold on! I did however cut a bit more off the nape section of hair again like last time so the majority of that back section is natural now.
I think that's all for my updates. I really hope I haven't left anything out, but like I said these past 6 months have been relatively quiet and uneventful.

So how's your hair doing? If you're transitioning too, how's it going?
If you have a hair update post then feel free to link it below. I enjoy reading them :)
Take care.


  1. Loool I know about the 'that'll do mentality'. I've had my hair out my whole transition and believe me I've had several days when styling my hair has made me late. Congrats on making it this far. It sounds like we'll be big chopping around the same time, I plan to snip my ends off in July. I'll be posting my 21 month post update on the 7th :).

    1. Haha I can definitely relate to being late because of my hair!
      Thank you and congrats to you too! I take my hat off to you for keeping your hair out the whole time. Don't think I could've done that! I look forward to reading your update :)


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