Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Inversion Method: Next best thing or just a fad?

Heyy guys!
So I've recently come across this new hair care craze called the Inversion method, which can supposedly (can you sense my skepticism already?) give you an inch of hair growth in seven days.
The method entails applying an oil of your choice to your scalp, massaging it in and then tipping your head upside down for four minutes. You repeat this for seven days and hey presto there's an inch of growth!

From what we're taught and what we read online from hair blogs, forums etc the method makes sense. The massaging motion stimulates the blood circulation in your scalp which causes blood to flow to your roots, allowing your hair follicles to produce hair quicker. Buuuut... I can't help but be skeptical. It just seems too simple. Many people have claimed it has worked for them but as we all have different growth rates I think this may be something I'll have to try out for myself. Hopefully then I can clear up the doubts I have.

Have any of you tried this method? What were your results? I'm intrigued.
Check out a How-To tutorial on YouTube here and here.

*Please note that it is advised not to attempt the inversion method if you have high blood pressure, if you are pregnant or if you have heart/circulatory problems*


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