Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Hair Therapy Wrap

Hair Therapy Wrap. Microwaveable, Keratin bond safe, Optimised for hair oil treatment.
Gel Packs: 2 side pieces and 1 middle piece
Heyy guys!
I mentioned a few posts ago that I gave in and bought a heating cap. I don't have as much free time as I did before and I didn't want my hair care rituals to be sacrificed during the week (I.e cowashing and deep conditioning, which I tend to do on wednesdays). So when I saw that SheaButterCottage had stocked up on the Hair Therapy Wrap I just had to get my hands on it. I'd heard so many good things about this heating cap and I thought it would fit in well with my current lifestyle. So I picked mine up for just under £25. It comes in three colours: cocoa, pink and white. I purchased cocoa.

I should probably get into how it works now huh...

So the actual heating cap is made of a polyester material. It comes with three gel packs; two side packs and a long middle pack. They also provide you with three plastic shower caps which was awfully nice of them to include. You basically heat the gel packs either in the microwave for a few seconds or in water over the stove for no more than five minutes. You then leave them to cool and then insert into the cap. I actually don't own a microwave (which some people find really shocking lol no idea why) so I'm so glad there is the option to use the stove.
Once you've inserted the gel packs you can place it on your head and it secures with Velcro. I have braids in at the moment and it doesn't fit over them so I'm having to demonstrate on my polystyrene head. You get the drift though right?

I absolutely love this heating cap! It spreads the heat around your head in a really nice way. It's difficult to describe but I really feel it working. I get headaches when I'm too hot but this heat was subtle and effective. I was slightly doubtful in the beginning as the gel packs don't cover the very back of my head as this is where the handles cross to help secure the Velcro, but the heat managed to spread to this area well regardless.
I tend to use this for no more than 30 minutes, and so this has reduced the amount of time I'm spending on wash days considerably but I still have to comfort in knowing that I am still giving my hair the care it needs.

Have any of you guys tried the Hair Therapy Wrap and what are your thoughts on it?
Also do you think the use of indirect heat is necessary when deep conditioning? Let me know how you DC!

Take care.

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Transition | Braids (Round 3)

Heyy guys!
So as I mentioned in my last post I recently installed marley twists. I think they're more or less the same as what we call kinky twists here, they're just a little longer with straighter ends. I ended up keeping them in for only 4 weeks which is a record for me lol. I normally keep my braids in for months on end, but these were a little much for me. With the unexpected good weather we had a few weeks back, and the weight of the hair I felt I couldn't go past 4 weeks.

The hair I used was the Sensationnel Soft N Silky Afro Twist Braid in colour 1b (as pictured above). I purchased 3 packs from my local hair shop and they were just under £4 per pack. Three packs actually wasn't enough for me, but luckily I took to my trusty hair extensions drawer and found an old pack of kinky twist hair and used that for the 5 or so braids I had left to do. Does anyone else have a drawer/ cupboard in their house just filled with unused braiding hair from yonks ago? I can't be alone on this, don't leave me hanging lol.

The good thing about this hair is that it comes pre-sectioned, so I didn't have to do any cutting. The hair itself is extremely dry so I'm glad I didn't have to do any detangling or combing like you do with the Xpressions hair as otherwise it would've been tangle city! I used one pre-sectioned piece of hair per braid. To attach the braid to my hair I used the braid-then-twist method. That's not its exact name but it best explains it lol. If I can i'll try and link a useful video if you would like to try it yourself. (Here's a good one).

The texture of the hair really mimicked that of my new growth and so I feel that it blended well. If I had done them a shorter I probably coulda had a lot of people fooled!

As I didn't do any cutting of the hair I braided it to its full length. It came down to about my waist. I think I'm so over waist length braids now haha anyone else feel the same? Don't leave me hanging again. I was quite apprehensive about 'showcasing' this new hairstyle at work but my boss didn't seem to have a problem with it, nor did anyone else. When I first installed them I have to admit I didn't really like them. I went to Nandos with the fam straight after I had finished installing them (random), and I have never felt so self conscious in my life! Lol. I decided to wear it in a bun, but because of the thickness and the length of the braids the bun was mahoosive and quite uncomfortable. So after that I just decided to stick with the good ol' half up, half down style.
So as I mentioned before I was in a one woman battle. It was me on my lonesome against the weight of the braids and the heat of the sun, and I lost the fight. For me, this is not a summer style! Lol. It would be a perfect winter warmer. I may try it again later in the year, and I'll definitely go shorter.

Have any of you guys tried/ thinking of trying this style? I hope I haven't put you off! lol

By the way, at the time you're reading this I will be sky high as I'm off abroad again! I'll leave you with some light reading in the form of blog posts whilst I am away. I don't know what the internet sitch is like where I'm staying but feel free to leave comments if you wish and I'll reply when I'm back :)

Take Care.


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