Saturday, 22 June 2013

Transition | Snip, Snip!

Okay, I'm kidding, I haven't actually big chopped yet.
Heyy guys! Boy is it good to be blogging. I had such a stressful week at work last week so it's nice to be in my safe haven aka my blog. Anyway, I hope you're doing well!

A few posts back i briefly mentioned that I hadn't braided a section of hair at my nape so that I could care for it separately and thicken it back up. We-ell, a few weeks ago in a moment of spontaneity I decided to cut the relaxed ends off that section of hair. This is the biggest section I've cut thus far.
Initially intended to just cut off a stringy piece but then thought 'what is the actual point of hanging on to the rest of it?' It'll make my life a bit easier, plus its concealed.

 I actually tend to wear my braids down/ in a low bun most of the time. I just flat twist the nape leave out and I keep the flat twist in for at least a week before i re- do it again.

The picture on the left was taken around the time I had just reached 11 months post. I split the leave out section into two and twisted each section. I was going to just snip the section of the twist where it clearly gets thinner but I was scared I would cut some of the new growth. So I unraveled the twists, wet my hair and cut the strands off, the long way.

Let's skip forward a few weeks...
Now I know what you're probably thinking (and you're right) my braids look awfully messy. I had a ridiculous amount of new growth. I've had them in for 3 months and the back section is the only section I haven't taken out to re-do. And since I don't wear my hair in high buns (unless i'm at home) I didn't realise it looked like this lol. But you'll be glad to know the braids are out! And i'm currently giving my hair a hot oil treatment as I type.
But looking past my braids for a second, the reason I took these photos was to show you my big-chopped nape section. I'm so glad I left this section out as compared to how it was before, its a lot thicker now, to the point where I could've actually braided it (with the extensions). I made sure that I kept that section thoroughly moisturised, and I sealed in the moisture with my jbco almost everyday. I think that cutting this section has made me more excited about going the whole way and cutting the rest of my relaxed ends off. I'm loving my texture. Its not at all as rough and tough as I expected. It's responding well to the products I already own which is great as it may mean I'll be less likely to buy/try out new products when my hair is 'fully natural'.

It'll be twelve months since I had my last relaxer next Wednesday!! I still can't believe I've made it this far to be honest lol. The braids have been a massive help though. I'm putting my hair in twists either next week or the week after. I purposely took my braids out this week for the obvious reason that it's been 3 months, and also because I wanted it out so I could see what one years hair growth looked like as I've never thoroughly examined my hair growth as much as I have in my transition. 
I'll be sure to share some texture shots, length checks and all that jazz with you guys in my coming posts.

Anyway how are you guys doing? Feel free to share any of your small or drastic hair updates!
Take Care.


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