Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Transition| Braids (round 2) + 11 Months post!

Heyy guys!
Two posts ago I mentioned that I had changed a few things in my braid care routine and so here is the update as promised. Also I made it to 11 months (44 weeks) post relaxer as of yesterday. It slipped right past me! I was just about to jot something down in my daily planner and there in capitals was '11 MONTHS POST'. Is it weird that I keep my transitioning notifications in my planner? lol.
So, yes, I thought i'd combine my transition and braids update as the deets all tie in together.
So I put my hair in braids on 25th March, meaning I've had them in for just over one month. I plan on keeping them in until June which will be the one year mark in my transition (months-wise). It's come around so quickly. I'm quite excited and equally surprised that I've made it this far!

When I installed them this time around, I left out some hair at the nape of my neck so that i could care for it separately. You remember last month when it was bitterly cold? Yeah, I carelessly forgot to put on my satin scarf underneath my beanie which made my hair so dry and my hair thinned slightly. So, I have a section of my hair out at the back which I have flat twisted and take out each time I wash my hair. I have also cut a significant amount of my relaxed hair off of this section, and I'll probably cut it all off (of that section) by the time my braids come out in June. Small steps.

One thing I always suffer from after removing my braids is product build up. Even back in my secondary school days when I used to live in braids, the removal always took so long as product build up and matting made it harder for me to detangle. So to hopefully put an end to this problem I have been scouring the forums and blogs for tips. I'm still moisturising and sealing everyday, but if I do happen to miss a day, it's no big deal. I never go more than two days without M&S'ing though. I'm moisturising with my aloe vera juice mix since it's nice and light, and I have been sealing it in with coconut oil. During my last braid install I was moisturising with the thick Cantu SheaButter Leave-in and sealing with the even thicker Jamaican Black Castor Oil. There's just no need lol, especially as the weather is getting hotter which doesn't help. I am still using the JBCO, but just on my edges and the left out hair at my nape.
I am so sorry about my DRY hands lol, i didn't even realise!
I still shampoo- wash my hair/braids every other week. When browsing the hair forums I saw that a lot of ladies diluted their shampoo in a spray bottle/applicator bottle before applying it to their braids. Me being 'Build- up- Becca', didn't even think of that. I used to just apply my shampoo to my scalp as normal. So, for this braid install I'm trying out the diluted shampoo tip, and I'll evaluate at the end whether that, as well as my lighter M&S'ing, has helped my build up problem.
I'm currently mixing equal parts of shampoo and water in a spray bottle. I shake it up, spray it directly to my scalp and massage it in with the pads of my fingers. It's so easy, and I can even do it out of the shower, which is handy. I then let the water from the shower rinse the shampoo out. Doing it this way apparently allows the dirt to be lifted from your scalp easier. And while using shampoo directly can have the same effect, there's not the added chance it could get clogged in your braid and wont be fully rinsed out.
Shampoo is for the scalp and conditioner is for the hair, so i follow up with mix of conditioner and water, concentrating on the length of the braid, up to where I think my real hair ends. I let the water from the shower rinse this out too. So far i'm liking this technique. It's a lot quicker, and my hair does feel clean afterwards, so it works.

Let me know if you have used this wash method, and feel free to share any of your braid maintenance tips.


  1. When I had my kinky twist I diluted the shampoo also and massaged the scalp then rinsed. I found this worked well and my scalp was clean.

    when it came to braid removal I had little to no build up and it was easy to de-tangle.

    A tip I learned from another hair lista was to warm some coconut oil apply to the hair let it sit for like an hour then de-tangle the hair.. it de-tangled like a dream!!!

    1. Ooo thanks for the tip! I might try that when i take these braids out :)

  2. I think you will experience less build up with the changes you're making. Also, I experienced less when I cleansed my hair in the shower throughout the week--just with water or water + conditioner. I also hear that apple cider vinegar or baking soda mixes help gently clarify.

    I mark hair stuff in my planner, too! :)

    1. I hope so! Ohh cool, conditioner and water is a great mix for braids.
      I've been wanting to try apple cider vinegar actually, i've heard some good things about it. Just can't seem to find it here.

      Oo glad to know i'm not the only one :)

  3. nice post and great blog


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