Monday, 27 May 2013

Castor Oil Challenge Summer 2013 @ KCCM

Heyy guys! Hope you're all doing well!
As you know, I always miss out on the 'official' castor oil challenges going around, so I tend to do them at a random time of the year. BUT I've been on the ball this time around and I've found out about one starting next week. My Castor Oil challenge posts seem to be quite popular so I thought you guys would appreciate the heads up.
Jenell from KinkyCurlyCoilyMe is hosting a 2013 summer castor oil challenge. It'll begin on Saturday 1st June and will end on Sunday 1st September.
You can read all the rules, FAQ's, T&C's, ABC's over on her blog. You can click the link below to go directly to the challenge page:
It does require registration (in the comments section), but this is a good way to socialise and share your progress, as well as viewing the progress of others. Plus she has some hair goodies to giveaway to a lucky challenge member!

If you're like me and you probably wont have the time to actively be a part of this challenge (i.e checking in at least nine times) then you can participate 'silently' and do it on your own.
Even though I still have my braids in (yes its been about 9 weeks now...) I'm still going to get involved. Let me know if you'd like me to share my results, even though I probably will anyway lol.
Remember you can use any brand of Castor oil, so don't feel that you need to get Jamaican Black. Just ensure that its pure or organic.
Let me know if you're taking part!
Take Care.


  1. I am definitely going to give this a go!

  2. ooh i'm excited , i always miss these challenges , going to get my castor oil today !! thanks for posting!!

  3. Go for it girls! I hope you get some good results! :) x


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