Thursday, 18 April 2013

Long time no post!

Heyy guys!
Long time no post eh? It's been about four weeks since my last blog post :s my apologies for this! Within my four weeks away I've turned 22, visited New York and come back and got a new job.. All excuses reasons for my absence.
People always ask if it feels any different once you turn a year older, and I guess that I do this year as I actually miss being 21 lol. 22 feels... weird. 
In my last post, i mentioned that i was going to New York and that i'd also be putting my hair in braids again, which I did. I didn't mention the last time I installed my braids that it actually took me around 3 days to do lol. I was sorta learning as I was going along and I took several breaks, hence why it took so long. But this time around I managed to install them in just two days. Get in! Hopefully my next install will take one day. I stress 'hopefully' as it probably won't happen. My hair routine for braids has changed again slightly from the last time, so i'll be sure to update you on the changes, in a blog post soon.

Here's some snaps from my trip...

New York was absolutely amazing! I didn't want to bombard you with pictures so I've just included a few from the trip. It was my first time on American soil, and the experience was interesting to say the least. Every local I spoke to couldn't understand my London accent or were surprised when I opened my mouth to speak, which was funny. I wish I could've stayed for longer and done some more sight seeing. I'm definitely going to visit again some time in the future.

Hopefully I can get back into my weekly blogging now. I haven't even been reading blogs lately so I'm off to do a major catch up! Feel free to leave the link to your blog and I'll have a butchers at them.
Take Care.


  1. Happy Late birthday, glad you enjoyed your time away and congrats on the new JOB.

    Gotta love new yorkers, I mean right after Londoners and Africans they are my fav people lol.
    I am making a quick trip there in May, I love the buildings, central park and BK..

    1. Thank you! And thanks for the suggestion about visiting the rocafella centre! The view was great.
      Lol.. Oo I hope you have a good time! :) x

  2. Sounds and looks like you had a blast. Happy Belated Birthday!!!

    1. Thank you! Yeaaa it was really fun, I hope to visit again soon.
      I hope you've been well! :)

  3. I hope you had a nice trip, the pictures look great! Congrats on getting a new job :)

    1. Thank you! Yeaa I really enjoyed it :) x

  4. New York looks so cool, I hope to go there myself someday. Looking forward to your new posts, I'm currently in braids myself so it would be good to read about your experiences and suggestions :)

    1. Ah, you really should! The people are really friendly, and there was always something to do/ see.
      Oo cool! I'll try and get some posts out this/next week, fingers crossed :)


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