Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Transition | 9 Months post

Heyy guys!
I'm sure you guys have heard by now that Google reader will be shutting down on 1st July. Thankfully there's Bloglovin'! You can follow my blog via Bloglovin' here (if you want to).
So, I officially made it to 9 months post (36 weeks) on the 5th and so here is my update!
I'll start off by saying that my transition is going well. You'll be glad to know I have no plans to give up :). I actually had a temporary urge to big chop and just wear braids on and off until I got to a length I was comfortable with. I haven't fully dismissed this idea, but i'll stick to the transition for now. However, in my last transition update I forgot to mention that I have cut a few of my relaxed strands, and by a few I mean one or two. The relaxed end was so thin, like a piece of string so I thought why not! I cut one at the back near my nape and one at the near my hairline. If I do come across another string- like relaxed end then I'll probably just cut it, but I just hope I don't get too carried away lol.

This month I decided to discontinue the use of my KTC brand of Pure Coconut oil, and I am now using Holland & Barrett's Pure Organic Coconut oil. I chose to do this as the KTC one doesn't smell anything like coconuts, which made me slightly skeptical of how 'pure' it claims to be. The H&B one smells like the real deal, and I know I'm not being 'cheated' since H&B is a health store. By the by, they're currently doing a buy1get1halfprice deal so go check it out here, if you're interested. I'm liking this coconut oil a lot. Both my new growth and relaxed hair have been feeling a lot softer.
Speaking of oils.. I haven't touched my Jamaican Black Castor Oil (JBCO) at all this month, which is so unlike me. I usually use it as a sealant on my wash days, and I also applied it to my edges daily at one point. I'm thinking of doing another castor oil challenge soon though since its been a while. I always miss the official challenges on Hairlista and other websites lol but I may do my own challenge, like last time. You guys are free to join me too!

If you read my last post (here) then you'll know that I started using an Aloe Vera juice mix on my hair. Most days I've actually used it as my moisturiser. My new growth absolutely loves it. As it's just a spritz, it doesn't leave my hair soaking wet, it dries really quickly and softens my new growth. This means that detangling and combing my hair has been much easier. My comb will literally glide through my new growth with ease, so Aloe Vera juice has been a great find for this month. If you were wondering, I add about one third of Aloe Vera juice and two-thirds of water to a spray bottle. I store mine in the fridge, and shake it up before using it.

My favourite hairstyle for this month has to be braidouts. I've been doing them a lot more the past two weeks. I'll be doing a post soon to show you the pattern I use and 'How I style' etc. 
Next week I shall be putting my hair back in braids in time for my birthday on the 29th, as I'm going to New York (eek, so excited!) and I don't want to deal with my hair whilst I'm there. Plus I miss my braids, I do!
Sidenote: If you've been to/ live in New York please leave some recommendations of places I should visit. This'll be my first visit and want to make the most of it!

In the meantime I thought I'd show you guys some new growth snaps, since it's been a while since I did. The picture above shows a comparison of the amount of new growth I had back in October at 4 months post and now at 9 months. I can see a real difference. What do you guys think? And the pictures on the left are random, little twists. My new growth twisted reaches the bottom of my ear! It's growing y'all :)

I think that's all for my update this month. Hope you're all okay!
How's your hair doing this month?

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

My Fave hair spritzes!

Heyy guys!
Just thought i'd share with you 3 of my favourite hair spritzes. The main uses I get from using a spritz are to add moisture, aid in detangling and to soften my hair.

1. Good ol' conditioner and water

This combination is really good for freshening up my hairstyle. I loved using this spritz when i had braids as it always left my hair smelling nice and fresh. I also use this on my real hair to add some moisture to my new growth if it gets dry. It doesn't leave any product residue in your hair as its watered down. I usually squirt about 3 pumps of conditioner into the spray bottle and fill up the rest with cold water.

2. Aloe Vera Juice and water

This is one of my new finds. I've started using this recently as I heard it was a great new growth softener.
Aloe Vera juice is great for the hair.
- It can promote hair growth
-It helps to seal the hairs cuticle to lock in moisture
- It can balance your hair's Ph level
- It softens new growth
-It reduces dandruff and shedding
- Its a natural product and can be easily found (for a good price, might i add) in supermarkets etc. I actually purchased mine from Amazon though (here).

I mix 2 parts water: 1 part aloe vera juice.
This is probably my favourite hair spritz! I wish someone had told me about this earlier. It's like an all- in- one. It softens, moisturises and detangles my hair (in particular, my new growth) at the same time. You could go fancy and add some glycerin or rosewater also, but i feel that the AVJ and water is fine on its own.
I love this combination so much that I've been using it as my moisturiser most days, and i finish off by sealing with coconut oil.

3. Mane 'n' Tale Detangler

I first started using this wayyy back when I was only 4 months post relaxer (you can read the update and review here). I use this solely for detangling my hair. Its been a great help on wash days! I just spray it on my hair, and I don't even need to touch my hair as it separates on its own. It doesn't dry out my hair at all, and the nice fragrance always lures me into spraying more than I probably need lol. This product does contain silicones, so if you're on a no- silicones hair routine then you wont want to use this. I would recommend using the Aloe Vera juice + water mixture as it works just as great (if not better) for detangling.

If you are transitioning or stretching your relaxer I would definitely recommend giving one of these hair spritzes a try, and your new growth will surely thank you later! :)

Feel free to share your experiences, if you've given any of these a go.
Take care.

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

DIY | Kente Hair Bows

Heyy guys!
Lately I've really been getting into DIYs and all things money-saving. Forgive me for posting two DIYs back to back. With it being Ghana independence day tomorrow i thought i'd make some Ghana inspired hair bows using some Kente cloth. Kente is not cheap, but luckily my Mum had some spare bits left over from a dress that was made for her, and she surprisingly let me use it. Now, some may say this (making your own hair accessories) is cheap but hey, i say its resourceful! lol.
To make the hair bows i used: Kente cloth obviously, bobby pins, fabric glue, a pencil, scissors and a tape measure (yes i used an Ikea tape measure... don't judge me lol). I cut out a strip of cloth (11.5" by 3.5"), folded the borders and glued it with fabric glue. I don't know if any of you have used fabric glue before, and maybe it was just me, but it is sticky as hell! I know you're thinking, well duh, its glue, but this particular glue even sunk through the fabric leaving cobwebs of glue on my finger tips. T'was messy! A glue gun would've been more practical, but since i don't own one i had to make do.
After i finally managed to glue the sides down, I folded the ends of the strip to meet in the middle and sealed it with the glue. To get the bow 'ruffles', i pinched the middle and adjusted to get a nice, somewhat even pattern. To hold it in place i applied glue in the center where the fabric met. Another thing with this glue is that you have to press it down for 5 minutes in order for it to stick and stay stuck. As i can get slightly impatient i decided to improvise and use a peg to hold it for me, whilst i prepared the next bit. Impatient=lazy.
So whilst the glue was drying i cut out a 1.5" strip of fabric, which would act as the middle part of the bow and also the holder for my bobby pin. As with the 11.5 x 3.5 inch strip, i folded and glued each side. Once the body of the bow was dry i began to wrap the thinner strip around middle of the bow. I then glued it down and cut off the excess. Now here's where the 'cheapness' comes in lol. I slid in a bobby pin at the back to use to attach the bow to my hair. It may look better to use one of those metal clips but metal and my hair don't bode well. Plus, you can't actually see it anyway and the bobby pin had a good enough grip for me.

Since writing this I've made 4 bows now. I most probably will make more; i'm thinking of attaching a hair band instead of a bobby pin to switch it up a bit.

I recorded this whole process and I may upload it soon if it's something you'd like to see.
But for now, Happy Independence to my fellow Ghanaians!
Take Care.


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