Saturday, 23 February 2013

DIY Deep Condition | Banana Hair Mask

Heyy guys!
Thought i'd share with you a DIY deep conditioner i tried out last week. I've mentioned in some of my previous posts that i really wanted to get back into DIY hair treatments so i'm starting off with this yummy banana hair mask. Of course, i didn't eat it lol.

1 Banana (peeled)
2 tbsp honey
1 1/2 tbsp Coconut oil (You could also you Olive or Jojoba Oil)

Bananas are rich in natural oils so it helps soften and shine the hair as well as control dandruff and frizz. Bananas are also high in B vitamins, Iron and Potassium.
I started off by mashing the banana in a separate bowl beforehand as i wasn't sure if the blender i was using would be strong enough. I then put the mashed bananas into the blender and followed by adding the honey, coconut oil and water. I mixed it in the blender until it was of the texture of a smooth puree. I had to do some additional mixing outside of the blender as there were still a few minor lumps... rubbish mini blender. I then applied it to my hair and covered with a plastic cap and turban for 30 minutes. When the 30 mins were up, I rinsed it out and proceeded to shampoo-wash my hair.

I liked the end results. My hair felt very soft. The smell of bananas didn't linger afterwards, but that may have been because i shampooed afterwards.
It took quite a while to get a smooth mixture. Even after all the effort, i did get a few banana bits stuck in my hair. It was a good thing i chose to shampoo afterwards as luckily this helped remove them. I think that next time I will probably use a riper banana. I read that banana baby food is also a good alternative so i may think about purchasing that next time to decrease preparation time and the potential lumps. I think that melting the coconut oil beforehand may also help me next time.
Next i may add avocados to infuse some protein into the treatment.

If any of you decide to give this a try then let me know how it went for you!
Take Care.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Let's twist again, like we did last summer...

Hey guys!
Although it's a play on lyrics (it's an oldie, YouTube it), the last time i actually did a twist out pre-braids was probably was last summer. Since i've been wearing my hair like this a lot since taking out my braids I thought i'd share with you how i do my twistout!

After my airdrying routine i flat-twist 5 sections of my hair; 2 flat twists across my hairline from my parting to my ear and 3 flat twists going straight back. I learnt how to flat twist on, you guessed it, YouTube. I actually find flat- twisting much easier to do than your standard cornrow. Mine are not perfect, but that doesn't matter to me as i still get my desired look when i take them out. 
I lightly spritz my hair with water so that my hair will dry with the twist. I always set each flat twist with my foam rollers to make sure that my ends curled also. I put on my satin scarf and trot off to bed.
Sometimes i roll up to my ear as shown in the left pic,
or i will  just do a slight curl

The next day i take out the twists one at a time with a little coconut oil, to tame any frizz.I also switch the direction of my parting. I found that doing this makes it look a bit more natural and the pattern of the twists more uniform. If my hair feels dry once I've taken out the flat- twist (which does happen occasionally) then I like to spritz it with a mix of conditioner and water. 'Works a treat!

If i find that by the end of the day, the twist out has lost its oomph then ill retwist in the pattern i explained above. If i feel that my flat-twist out could last another day then i will moisturise as normal before bed, do one loose twist and put on my satin scarf.

So that's my flat-twist out! Feel free to share how you do yours!
Take Care.

Monday, 18 February 2013

Transition | 8 Months post

Hey guys!
You may have noticed that i missed out my update for 7 months post, but i had my hair in braids, as you know, and I felt i had nothing new to add for that month. But, yes, i made it 8 months post relaxer a few weeks ago, and i have a few updates and changes this time around to fill you in on. It has been strange getting back into a routine again. I basically had braids for just over 2 months and my regimen seemed simplified 5x, and i obviously got used to that being my new routine. 

Anyway, this month i straightened my hair (all of it) for the first time in 8 months. I straightened a small section of leave out back in November for my graduation, but i haven't straightened my whole head since June of last year when i last relaxed my hair. To be honest it was not planned at all, i did it more in panic, if that's the right word to use. I'd come out of wearing braids and almost totally forgot what to do/ how to style my hair. Braidout's totally slipped my mind for some odd reason. I didn't take any pictures of my straightened hair unfortunately, and i probably wont be straightening my hair again anytime soon. Luckily my hair reverted back but it just had to be during the day. It looked awful guys lol. I avoided eye contact on my way home from work. It was my own doing. The current straighteners i own have no heat setting (for why, i do not know) so i kept switching it off after every pass so that it could cool down, and so that I wouldn't be using the maximum temperature. It seems so tedious but heat damage is not in my repertoire!

So lately I've been wearing my hair in braidouts and twist outs (as pictured above). Twistouts are becoming my go-to style. I like the way they look, and I've been getting some nice comments about mine at work. I usually flat twist my hair before bed and take them out the next morning ready for the day (my next post will go into much more detail about this). It's been great too as I've found that i'm not really using my comb as much as i used to.

In my last post i touched on the fact that i now have to wash my hair in sections. I tried to wash my hair as i did before my braids but that just resulted in tangles and so i'm finding that washing in sections is a lot easier. Yeah, it takes a little longer, but its helped me with detangling. I use between 4-8 sections. In my last post i also told you that i was using a new deep conditioner. You can read the review here. I'm liking it so far. I apply it in sections too before shampooing. It has nice slip and is currently keeping my new growth moisturised and soft.
In my new Year's Resolution's post i said that one thing i hoped to do this year was to 'be more consistent with my hair treatments...' as it's been a while since i've given my hair a nice treat. I've decided to start doing DIY treatments again (maybe once a month) to give my hair a good pampering. I actually have a lot up my sleeve already, with the first being a banana hair mask (yummy...) which i did last Saturday and shall blog about in a few posts time! 

I think that's it for my update this month. Still lovin' my curl pattern! :)
So, how's your transition going? And if you're not transitioning, how's your hair doing?
Take care.

Friday, 15 February 2013

Review | Beautiful Textures Rapid Repair Deep Conditioner

Heyy guys!
Today i thought i'd share with you my review on a deep conditioner i have been using lately. It's the Beautiful Textures Rapid Repair Deep Conditioner. Beautiful Textures is a relatively new company to the UK, and I've got to say I've heard/ read mixed reviews, but i like to form my own opinion when it comes to products. I purchased this deep conditioner with my own money from Paks for £3.99.

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

My Braid Take Down Regimen (Updated)

Heyy guys!
So i finally took out my braids last week after 9.5 good, long weeks of having them in, and so i thought i'd share how i treated my hair afterwards. It's significantly different to my old take down regimen from last year, which you can view here.

I started by unravelling each braid individually, adding my leave in conditioner to my hair to help with detangling.
The next day i washed my hair with a clarifying shampoo to get rid of all the product buildup. My clarifying shampoo of choice was ORS' Creamy Aloe Shampoo. I decided to follow up with a protein treatment as i hadn't done one for about 3 months. I mixed 3 teaspoons of extra virgin olive oil to around 3 heaved spoonfuls of ORS's Hair Mayonnaise and applied to mixture to my hair. I covered my hair with a plastic cap for around 30 minutes, then retreated back to the shower to rinse it out. I finished it off with a deep condition for around 1hr 30mins. My deep conditioner of choice was Beautiful Textures Rapid Repair Deep Conditioner (a full review of it will be coming soon). So after an hour and 30 minutes was up it was back in the shower for a third time to rinse it out. I then carried on with my normal air-drying routine. It was a long day which resulted in me getting a pounding headache and tired arms :(

It may seem like a bit much to clarify my hair and do a protein treatment on the same day, but it's perfectly fine to do, and as i said, i was due a protein treatment so i thought why not. One thing to bear in mind though is that you have to double up on moisture (this is something i had to learn the hard way) as the clarifying shampoo is very drying, as is the hair mayonnaise which also makes my hair slightly hard due to the protein. Even after deep conditioning my hair still felt slightly dry and so i had to moisturise, moisturise and moisturise to fix this. At any chance i got i moisturised and baggy'd my hair. It took around a week to correct this problem, and thankfully my hair is back to normal now.

Another thing that i had to learn the hard way is that i now have to wash my hair in sections. Yes, the time has come where i can no longer wash my hair freely like in the adverts lol. I say i learnt this the hard way as when i clarified my hair it was tangle city! I'm now 8 months post (woohoo!) and the last time i washed my hair 'freely' was when i was 5 months post. I now have considerably more new growth and so washing my hair is not as easy. So when i did the protein treatment and the deep condition i applied the mixtures to sections which made rinsing it out a lot easier.

So that's my take down regimen.  Feels good to see my hair again! My 8 months post update shall be with you soon. 
'Got a lot to fill you in on! :)
Take Care.


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