Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Braids | Prep

Heyy guys!
Today I come to you with my 100th post! :D
I thought i'd try my best to show you, in picture form, how I prep my extension hair. I initially wanted to do a picture tutorial of how i installed my braids, but that failed miserably as my hands were always in the way and i think it would probably confuse y'all rather than help.

I've picked up most of these tips through watching what my braidstress would do every time i went to the salon, way back in the day. 
All you really need is your pack of hair (I used X-Pressions Ultra Braid in colour 1b, if anyone was wondering), a pair of scissors, a brush or comb and hair moisturiser/oil of your choice.
When you first open the pack of hair it can be slightly overwhelming, especially if you have never installed braids by yourself, as there's so much hair. The X-Pressions hair is 82 inches long, and so you first have to decide how long you want your braids to be, and cut the hair to the appropriate length. I cut my pack into 3 sections.
So the first thing i do is pick at the ends of the hair. This helps a lot when braiding as it stops the hair from unraveling.

Once this is done i brush through the hair to detangle and get rid of any knots. This bit takes the longest and requires a lot of patience as the hair does tangle quite easily. I would suggest doing this over wooden flooring as there probably will be a lot of shed hairs, and its such a hassle removing hair from the carpet. Also, at this point i moisturise the hair with coconut oil to add shine and help with detangling.

Next, to further detangle the hair, i pull apart the hair in sections several times, just to ensure that the hair has no knots and can be easily separated.

When this is done i then section off the hair i will be using for my first braid. The bottom left image shows roughly how much hair i use for each braid.

I then section off 1/3 of hair from this section, so i'm left with two sections; one bigger than the other. In the images above i have labelled the 1/3 as number 2 and the rest of the section as number 1 to make it easier to understand.

Lastly i loop and gather number 2 (the smaller section) around number 1  to then create three equal sized sections.
Now i'm ready to begin braiding!

I hope this wasn't too confusing, lol! Feel free to share how you prep your braiding hair, if you do it a different way.
Take Care.


  1. This was really interesting, I've always wondered how people do their braids themselves. I don't know if braids would suit me but if I ever decide to try em out I shall be referring back to this post for sure! x

    1. I'm glad you found it interesting :)
      Aw, cool. You should definitely give them a try, I think they'd look nice

  2. wow you do it yourself, so wait, when you wear braids like the one in your profile pic on the side, you've done them yourself? if so, id love to see a YT video tutorial xx

    1. Heyy. Yeaa this time around i did them myself. My profile pic was taken last year when i had senegalese twists, but i got them done at a salon.
      I wanted to save some money this time around so i learnt how to do them myself from youtube vids. I actually tried filming it, but it didn't come out too great lol. You can check out a girl on youtube called 'blackwomenhair' she has a good tutorial

  3. how many packets of the xpression hair did you use ?

    1. Heyy
      I normally use about 2 packs, with a third pack on standby just in case. With each pack I cut the hair into three and that's long enough for me. Hope that helps :)


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