Monday, 30 December 2013

My New Year's Resolutions! (Hair & Blog- related)

Heyy guys! Long time no post!
I hope you've all had a lovely Christmas break.
It's that time again where we all make resolutions for the forthcoming year to ensure we make it better than the last. As you may recall, this time last year I shared my blog related and hair related new years resolutions (see post here), and so I thought it'd be good to go through them and check off what I have achieved and what I haven't before I present you with my new list.

Last years resolutions:
1. Blog more frequently.
From my opening sentences it's safe to say that I didn't really fulfill this resolution. Like most resolutions, I was right on the ball at the beginning of the year before it shamelessly began to fizzle out :S

2.Trim my hair! I've been putting it off for so long.
I did manage to have a trim, if you can call it that. With my transition I have been trimming (a bit too) often.

3. Make a U-part wig.
I haven't shared this with you guys yet, but I did indeed make a U-Part wig but it turned out to be a big FAIL lol. After all that sewing it actually didn't fit on my head, plus I had put the parting on the wrong side. I have since dismantled (is that the right word? haha) the wig. Ah well... I tried.

4. Decide once and for all whether I want to start making YouTube videos
I think I've decided that I am going to make videos now and again to support my blog posts if I feel they fit. I'm definitely not ready to make a channel yet. Now I just need to decide when to start... lol

5. Be more consistent with my hair treatments, especially hot oil treatments.
I can cross this out with no hesitation. I managed to fit in a hot oil treatment into my regimen and I now do them once a week (sometimes even twice). And, ever since the cold hit I've been on it with my DIY DC's

6. To experiment with different hairstyles. My staple hairstyle has been a bun ever since I can remember. 
I have hardly really rocked a bun this year. My transition has meant that I have been able to experiment and perfect my braid outs and twist outs. Also, the majority of the year I've had my hair in braids and I have been able to experiment with different forms from the regular box braid to senegalese twists to marley twists. 

Ok so now for my next set of new years resolutions:
1. To cut off all of my relaxed ends
2. To perfect my hair care routine
3. Attend hair/ blogger events

So what are your new years resolutions? Did you manage to fulfill last years? Feel free to share them below.
Oh and in other news my blog turned two years old in October! And I missed it :(
I just want to say thank you all for all of your support this year :D
Take care, and hope you all have a great new years!

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Inversion Method: Next best thing or just a fad?

Heyy guys!
So I've recently come across this new hair care craze called the Inversion method, which can supposedly (can you sense my skepticism already?) give you an inch of hair growth in seven days.
The method entails applying an oil of your choice to your scalp, massaging it in and then tipping your head upside down for four minutes. You repeat this for seven days and hey presto there's an inch of growth!

From what we're taught and what we read online from hair blogs, forums etc the method makes sense. The massaging motion stimulates the blood circulation in your scalp which causes blood to flow to your roots, allowing your hair follicles to produce hair quicker. Buuuut... I can't help but be skeptical. It just seems too simple. Many people have claimed it has worked for them but as we all have different growth rates I think this may be something I'll have to try out for myself. Hopefully then I can clear up the doubts I have.

Have any of you tried this method? What were your results? I'm intrigued.
Check out a How-To tutorial on YouTube here and here.

*Please note that it is advised not to attempt the inversion method if you have high blood pressure, if you are pregnant or if you have heart/circulatory problems*

Thursday, 31 October 2013

Monthly Favourites '13 | October

It was this time last year that I did my last 'monthly' favourites. What a joke eh lol. I should probably change it to annual favourites. But nevertheless, this large gap has allowed to me create a serious list of products and things alike that I have really been loving. If you're interested in reading my October favourites from 2012 then you can click here.

First we have... 
Burt's Bees Cuticle Cream
Lately I’ve been really taking care of my nails as they've been growing in really well and I wanted to maintain this growth. I’m a really big fan of Burt's Bees as they use natural ingredients, no harsh chemicals and still produce products that work! When I saw their cuticle cream I instantly took an interest. It has a heavy lemon scent which is not at all overpowering, but provides a fresh scent. It kinda reminds me of Mr Kiplings Lemon slices lol. I just apply it to my cuticles and my nails as a pre- treatment, if you like, before I paint my nails. It also comes in handy if my nails are looking a bit on the dry side.

Shea Butter

This is a fairly new addition to my stash which has now become a definite staple. I started off using this on my hair as a sealant which my hair loved! (I'll provide more details in a post soon for anyone who is interested). I went on to do further research and came across a variety of benefits it can have for the skin. I have religiously been using shea butter on my face at night before I go to bed and my face has cleared up greatly. My skin tone has evened out and acne scars are beginning to fade. I know that in the beauty community there's a debate about whether shea butter is good for use on your face or not, but to be honest I've had no problems. It's definitely not something I could use in the morning as its quite thick, and that mixed with my oily t-zone would not be a pretty sight! But nevertheless, it works fine as my 'night cream' and doesnt transfer onto my pillow. Get in!
Apple Cider Vinegar

I was actually recommended this by one of you guys. I’ve wanted to try this as a clarifying treatment since the start of my hair journey. Lately I've had many battles with that ORS Creamy Aloe shampoo, which was my previous clarifying shampoo. It had burnt my eyes on too many occassions and so I needed a change. And let me tell you, the burn was intense! Don't you just hate when you get shampoo in your eye! Anyway, I’ve been using ACV to fight all the product build up that comes with having braids. I’ll probably do a full review on this at some point, but I love the stuff! My hair and scalp feels squeaky clean after every use. And although this is a clarifying treatment, my hair doesn’t feel as stripped as it did with the Creamy Aloe shampoo. 
Podcast: The Read
It takes me over an hour to get to work everyday, and now that I know all the words to almost every song in the charts I've switched from listening the radio to listening to Podcasts instead. One of my favourite people to watch on YouTube, Kid Fury, has a podcast show, and I wont even begin to explain the premise of the show but rather I'll let you guys listen for yourselves (it's free on i-tunes or you can listen on SoundCloud here). Him and his partner in crime, Crissle, have me rolling each session! People in their cars must think I'm really weird as I  literally laugh out loud, and I should mention I usually listen alone lol. But aside from the jokes I just love listening to their opinions, especially in their listener letters segment.

Mac Paramount
As I mentioned in my previous post I have a bit of an unhealthy obsession with mac lipsticks. So to avoid sharing too many in this post I've chosen my favourite for this month. The shade is called Paramount. It's showing quite red in the picture (and not to mention terribly out of focus oops) but it's more of a browny- red. Love it! I also love that it's not really that popular. I tend to Google swatches before I buy them, if i buy online, and there were hardly any (to compare against my skin tone) so I decided to buy it on a whim and I'm very glad I did.

Hair Therapy Wrap 
I couldn't do my favourites post without including my Hair Therapy Wrap. You can check out my post here for my full review on it. I have really been liking the results of my deep conditioning since using this wrap. My hair has felt a lot softer and more importantly (to me) I have gotten good results in less time. Using this wrap has decreased my hair washing time significantly. I'm sure you'll be seeing this in future favourites posts!

So those are my favourites!
What have been some of your favourite things in the month of October?
Take Care.

Monday, 28 October 2013

Tea Rinse

Heyy guys!
So around the beginning of August I tried the infamous tea rinse 'treatment'. This is something I've wanted to try out since the beginning of my hair journey and I've only just got round to trying it now... 2 years later lol. And I've only just got around to blogging about it... 2 months later - what a fail I am lol.

Benefits of a tea rinse:
Prevents shedding 
Can darken the hair and add shine 
The Caffeine in tea helps stimulate hair growth when used once a month

What I did
I'm not a lover of the hot beverage but the rest of my family drink it like there's no tomorrow. I used PG tips tea bags, as that's what we had in the house, but any brand will suffice. Before getting in the shower to wash my hair I boiled water and added 3 tea bags. I let it cool for the duration of my shower session. When I had finished washing my hair I transferred the tea rinse mix to my spray bottle. I sprayed the mix onto my hair and put on a plastic cap whilst I finished the rest of my shower session. I then put my deep conditioner on top of the tea, and put on a plastic cap for a further 30 minutes. I then went on to rinse it all out.

Ok, so word of advice... Make sure you wear old clothes and use old towels because tea stains! My bath tub and spray bottle were definitely affected too and it took a good scrub to get the stains out. As I said previously, I don't like tea and my hair did smell of it heavily on application but once you rinse the smell disappears. In terms of shedding, it was still present. It didn't stop miraculously, but I didn't expect that anyway. I think this is something you need to be consistent with in order to get the results. I did notice however that my hair felt a lot softer and had a lot more luster than usual, which is definitely a plus.I plan on doing this once a month, providing my hair is not in braids.

So have any of you tried/ thinking of trying a tea rinse?
Feel free to share your thoughts.
Take Care.

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Tag: 20 Random Facts About Me!

Heyy guys!
It's been a while since I've done a tag, hasn't it? I was recently tagged by Yolanda to do the 20 Random Facts About Me. I really enjoy doing tags, and hopefully you can learn a little bit more about me

1. I love to laugh. I find the humour in almost anything. And I love being around people who have a good sense of humour too
2. I'm really scared of dogs, and for some reason my friends find this so amusing. This is the one thing I'll never find the humourous
3. I graduated from uni last year. I didn't particularly like my uni experience but I definitely learnt a lot about being independent, 'friendships', relationships and I got my degree which was what was most important!
4. I love travelling and experiencing different cultures
5. I'm a bit of a html geek. I love creating html codes for my blog
6. I passed my driving test second time around
7.  I'm totally going to contradict fact no 4 but I can definitely be a home body. I love spending time at home, especially now its getting colder. I kinda prefer staying at home/ chilling at a friends house over going out clubbing etc
8. My blog is almost two years old (can you believe it? I can't) and I still haven't told some of my friends about it
9. I found out recently that I have to wear glasses :( Previously I was the only one in my family that didn't have to, but i guess constantly using my laptop and watching videos in the dark didn't help my eyes. oops lol.
10. I love music from the 70s/80s. I think this developed from my mum always listening to heart 106.2 back in the day.
11. I'm really bad with social media. I despise facebook, I tweet like once every 2 months and don't get me started on Instagram lol I'm terrible at it.
12. I'm a tad bit obsessed with Mac lipsticks. I'm a sucker for a pretty shade.
13. When you first meet me I tend to be quite quiet and reserved but once I get to know you I usually come out of my shell a bit more.
14. If there's a scene in a movie/ tv programme where someone is drowning/ struggling in water I literally cannot watch it as I get anxiety. Funny thing is I can actually swim myself but seeing the struggle makes me feel really uneasy. I mentioned in a previous tag that I've never seen titanic; I still haven't. I think it's best that I don't ha.
15. I love writing lists. I feel a bit lost if I don't have a to-do list
16. From about the age of 14 I've been very self conscious of my forehead. But as I'm getting older I'm slowly getting over it. Back in the day I would have never worn my hair how it is above lol.
17. I really like the Nottingham accent! I'd trade it any day for my boring London one
18.I cannot watch Crimewatch anymore as I get too emotional (and scared lol)
19. In a PE lesson in year 3 (around 7/8 years old) whilst running a lap of the playground, I tripped over myself (lol) and cut and grazed my leg so badly. There was blood everywhere, and I still have the scar 14 years later
20. Its a weird age to look forward to, but I can't wait to be 23

Hope you enjoyed this very random tag! 
I'm going to tag:
and you!
Feel free to share a random fact about yourself!
Take care.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

What's In My Travel Bag?! (Hair Care)

Heyy guys!
Today I thought I'd share with you the hair care bits and bobs I recently took with me on my holiday. I went to Cape Verde, which is probably one of my favourite places in the world! I haven't really updated you on my current hair situation, but I have braids again surprise surprise. I didn't really want to have to deal with my hair too much whilst on holiday so I installed braids the week before I flew out. Even though my hair was away, I still needed to look after it and so I packed the above items into my toiletries bag. I think I did pretty well to condense all of my essentials down to what you see above, if I do say so myself. The fact that I only took two full sized products is a record for me. Generally I'm not a light packer, I tend to overpack lol. But I think that having my hair in braids helped free up some suitcase space.
So, I've split my hair care items into four categories: Moisturisers, oils, cleansers and styling.


As the temperature in Cape Verde tended to be 35°C + I knew that I didn't want to be moisturising my scalp with a heavy, creamy moisturiser, and so I opted for a spray instead. I took my trusty Aloe Vera juice and water mix and the Elasta QP Olive Oil & Mango Butter Leave in H2 Conditioner. This is a new product I've been using lately which has worked great when I've had my braids in as it's light and doesn't create build up. Not the best on my actual hair when it's out though as I prefer the heavy, creamy stuff. Oh and if you're wondering why mine has a red spray top instead of black, it's because I dropped the original top on the floor the day I purchased it and broke the spring. That'll teach me for leaving it on the edge of the table!


I could've got away with taking just one oil but the reason I took two was because I was doing the castor oil challenge, so I obviously needed to take that to keep up. (Oh and little update- I've decided to redo my castor oil challenge as I sorta flopped this time around and wasn't fully committed to it. So I started afresh on 1st Sept and will apply three times a week until 1st December. Wish me luck!) Anyway, I was on top of it whilst away but because I wasn't applying it daily I needed something for the remaining days of the week. The oil on the left is a mix of coconut oil and olive oil. My hair absolutely loves this mix! That's with braids and without! And it smells lovely! It actually smells of Nando's carrot cake and cream. I know that's so specific lol but yeah that's what it reminds me of.


I am like a fish in water when I'm away. I absolutely love swimming! I knew that i'd be doing a lot of it so it was essential that I packed my shampoos and conditioner. I took them both in diluted forms and I also packed my dry shampoo, which I previously wasn't that keen on, but I'm currently giving it another chance.


The styling accessories I took were pretty basic. I brought hair bands and bobby pins to keep all my styles in place. I also took edge control to tame my edges... Turned out to be a waste of time as it melted off during the day lol.
Before venturing out for the day I would spritz my hair with a heat protector for added protection against the sun. I chose the Tresemme Heat Defence Spray. It smells lovely and doesn't dry out my hair.

So as I promised in my last post, here are a few scenic snaps from my holiday :)
LtoR: View from submarine, Neptunus (Submarine), Souvenirs, Mirage in the dessert land, View from submarine (Our rep feeding the fishies), More souvenirs, Evening bbq on beach accompanied by african drumming, The lovely palm treed path to breakfast.

So guys, what's in your travel bag? If you've done a similar post feel free to leave a link.
Take Care.

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Attention All List Lovers!

Heyy guys! Remember me? I wouldn't blame you if you didn't lol.
I'm finally back from my holiday, which was amaze! Pics from my trip will follow shortly.

Today I thought I'd let you guys know about this app I've been using for ages now called Wunderlist. If you are a list lover like me then I know this'll be riiight up your street. I am constantly making lists as my memory resembles that of a goldfish at times, and I have to write things down. Just to give you an idea of how bad my memory can be I have walked into a room and totally forgotten what I went in there for. 'Not really painting myself in the best light, but I know I'm not the only person this has happened to lol. Anyway, I find that making lists (in partic. my daily to-do lists) keeps me a lot more organised and less forgetful. 

With Wunderlist you can create categories for your lists, create lists within lists, set reminders/ alarms for each task by date and time, create sub-tasks and sub-notes for each listed item, and you can cross off each task as you complete it (my fave part). I love the sense of achievement it gives when you know you're closer to/have completed all your to-do's. 
So the main reason I thought i'd share this app was because it may benefit those on hair care 'journeys'. You could set reminders for important hair care tasks such as when you're due your next relaxer. You could also set schedules for things such as your next hair trim, when to use heat on your hair, when to do your next length check, and the list goes on. Terrible pun, Rebecca.
As you can see I use mine to keep all hair related stuff in. I have all the dates of my hair milestones and anniversaries, details of my next protective styles and my shopping list to take along with me when I go to the hair shop (beauty supply store). As well as that I also use the app for other things non- hair related. I make my other shopping lists on there and as you can see I need more hair products than food lol. I type out any blogging ideas I get on the go and any important event details or reminders.

So I should mention now that I am not affiliated with Wunderlist at all, just simply wanted to share one of my favourite apps. You can get it free from the app store of your smartphone and you can also access it on your computer.
Check out their website:
Also check out the description and reviews on itunes here.

Have any of you tried this app? Let me know if you decide to download it and feel free to share your thoughts!
Hope you're all well. Take Care

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Hair Therapy Wrap

Hair Therapy Wrap. Microwaveable, Keratin bond safe, Optimised for hair oil treatment.
Gel Packs: 2 side pieces and 1 middle piece
Heyy guys!
I mentioned a few posts ago that I gave in and bought a heating cap. I don't have as much free time as I did before and I didn't want my hair care rituals to be sacrificed during the week (I.e cowashing and deep conditioning, which I tend to do on wednesdays). So when I saw that SheaButterCottage had stocked up on the Hair Therapy Wrap I just had to get my hands on it. I'd heard so many good things about this heating cap and I thought it would fit in well with my current lifestyle. So I picked mine up for just under £25. It comes in three colours: cocoa, pink and white. I purchased cocoa.

I should probably get into how it works now huh...

So the actual heating cap is made of a polyester material. It comes with three gel packs; two side packs and a long middle pack. They also provide you with three plastic shower caps which was awfully nice of them to include. You basically heat the gel packs either in the microwave for a few seconds or in water over the stove for no more than five minutes. You then leave them to cool and then insert into the cap. I actually don't own a microwave (which some people find really shocking lol no idea why) so I'm so glad there is the option to use the stove.
Once you've inserted the gel packs you can place it on your head and it secures with Velcro. I have braids in at the moment and it doesn't fit over them so I'm having to demonstrate on my polystyrene head. You get the drift though right?

I absolutely love this heating cap! It spreads the heat around your head in a really nice way. It's difficult to describe but I really feel it working. I get headaches when I'm too hot but this heat was subtle and effective. I was slightly doubtful in the beginning as the gel packs don't cover the very back of my head as this is where the handles cross to help secure the Velcro, but the heat managed to spread to this area well regardless.
I tend to use this for no more than 30 minutes, and so this has reduced the amount of time I'm spending on wash days considerably but I still have to comfort in knowing that I am still giving my hair the care it needs.

Have any of you guys tried the Hair Therapy Wrap and what are your thoughts on it?
Also do you think the use of indirect heat is necessary when deep conditioning? Let me know how you DC!

Take care.

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Transition | Braids (Round 3)

Heyy guys!
So as I mentioned in my last post I recently installed marley twists. I think they're more or less the same as what we call kinky twists here, they're just a little longer with straighter ends. I ended up keeping them in for only 4 weeks which is a record for me lol. I normally keep my braids in for months on end, but these were a little much for me. With the unexpected good weather we had a few weeks back, and the weight of the hair I felt I couldn't go past 4 weeks.

The hair I used was the Sensationnel Soft N Silky Afro Twist Braid in colour 1b (as pictured above). I purchased 3 packs from my local hair shop and they were just under £4 per pack. Three packs actually wasn't enough for me, but luckily I took to my trusty hair extensions drawer and found an old pack of kinky twist hair and used that for the 5 or so braids I had left to do. Does anyone else have a drawer/ cupboard in their house just filled with unused braiding hair from yonks ago? I can't be alone on this, don't leave me hanging lol.

The good thing about this hair is that it comes pre-sectioned, so I didn't have to do any cutting. The hair itself is extremely dry so I'm glad I didn't have to do any detangling or combing like you do with the Xpressions hair as otherwise it would've been tangle city! I used one pre-sectioned piece of hair per braid. To attach the braid to my hair I used the braid-then-twist method. That's not its exact name but it best explains it lol. If I can i'll try and link a useful video if you would like to try it yourself. (Here's a good one).

The texture of the hair really mimicked that of my new growth and so I feel that it blended well. If I had done them a shorter I probably coulda had a lot of people fooled!

As I didn't do any cutting of the hair I braided it to its full length. It came down to about my waist. I think I'm so over waist length braids now haha anyone else feel the same? Don't leave me hanging again. I was quite apprehensive about 'showcasing' this new hairstyle at work but my boss didn't seem to have a problem with it, nor did anyone else. When I first installed them I have to admit I didn't really like them. I went to Nandos with the fam straight after I had finished installing them (random), and I have never felt so self conscious in my life! Lol. I decided to wear it in a bun, but because of the thickness and the length of the braids the bun was mahoosive and quite uncomfortable. So after that I just decided to stick with the good ol' half up, half down style.
So as I mentioned before I was in a one woman battle. It was me on my lonesome against the weight of the braids and the heat of the sun, and I lost the fight. For me, this is not a summer style! Lol. It would be a perfect winter warmer. I may try it again later in the year, and I'll definitely go shorter.

Have any of you guys tried/ thinking of trying this style? I hope I haven't put you off! lol

By the way, at the time you're reading this I will be sky high as I'm off abroad again! I'll leave you with some light reading in the form of blog posts whilst I am away. I don't know what the internet sitch is like where I'm staying but feel free to leave comments if you wish and I'll reply when I'm back :)

Take Care.

Monday, 22 July 2013

Transition | 12 Months post!

Heyy guys!
I frickin' made it to 12 months post!! My last relaxer was 26th June 2012, meaning I'll actually be 13 months post on Friday woop woop! This post has been sitting in my drafts for a few weeks now so I thought i'd better get it out as I'm almost a month late. 
As I mentioned in my last post, I wanted to take out my braids in time for my one year anni so that I could see for myself what one year of hair growth amounted to (plus those braids needed to come out!). As usual, I have included some snaps of my new growth and I thought I'd add in some comparison pictures from various months of my transition so far. If you are on a 'hair journey' yourself I highly recommend taking pictures of your hair at the beginning and throughout. It's not until you look back on the images that you realise just how much progress you've made.

Before we get into the update I'll briefly list what I did when taking out my braids for those interested.
Hot Oil Treatment with Tropic Isle Living Strong Roots Red Pimento Oil 
Clarified with ORS Creamy Aloe Shampoo
Deep Conditioned with Beautiful Textures Rapid Repair DC + Hair Therapy Wrap
(Yes, I gave in and bought a heating cap lol. A review will be coming soon!)
Detangled with Mane 'n' Tail Detangler + Cantu Shea Butter Leave-in
Moisturised and Sealed with S-Curl No Drip + Coconut Oil

When I took out the braids my hair felt a lot fuller and thicker but I did experience a significant amount of shedding. As you guys know I'm taking part in the Summer Castor Oil Challenge which sees me applying my JBCO to my scalp at least 3 times a week for 3 months. I'm a month and a half in and my selected days are Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays + a cheeky bonus day if I feel my scalp can handle it. I have to be honest and say that the week before I took out my braids (and this week too) I haven't been on my A game with the challenge and missed a few days, but I'll make up for it... somehow.

So I wore my hair out for a week before putting it into the marley twists/ kinky twists which I spoke about here. Boy, do I have a lot to say about them! A post all about my marley/kinky twists experience so far shall be with you shortly. So for the week I had my hair out I literally wore my hair in one style (Inspired by Yolandaas of Pink and Leopard Prints). This is the only picture I managed to take. It was my go to style, and I got a few compliments on it at work :) not to mention a few confused stares too lol. My colleagues are not au fait with the concept of extensions.

I'm glad to say that at 12 months post I haven't had many struggles with my hair, well none to write home about. Aloe Vera juice is still my best friend. I've held back from using it as my moisturiser for a little while and have retreated back to my beloved S-Curl. But the AVJ still has my back when/if things get messy i.e with detangling.

So I made it to 12 months post and some of you may be wondering what's next? In terms of the big chop, I'm still going to hang on for a little longer. I have had the urge (especially in the week I had my hair out) to BC, but after a big hit with the reality stick I've decided not to do it just yet. I think when I'm ready I'll know, but I have a strong feeling I'll probably end up doing it before the two year mark.
And speaking of the big chop, two of my blogging transitioning buddies recently did theirs. Yolandaas and Alicia. Go check them out if you haven't already and show them some love!
And if you've recently BC'd feel free to share your experience down in the comments or leave a link to your blog! :)

I'll catch you all later. I hate these prolonged absenses from blogging!
Take Care

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Transition | Snip, Snip!

Okay, I'm kidding, I haven't actually big chopped yet.
Heyy guys! Boy is it good to be blogging. I had such a stressful week at work last week so it's nice to be in my safe haven aka my blog. Anyway, I hope you're doing well!

A few posts back i briefly mentioned that I hadn't braided a section of hair at my nape so that I could care for it separately and thicken it back up. We-ell, a few weeks ago in a moment of spontaneity I decided to cut the relaxed ends off that section of hair. This is the biggest section I've cut thus far.
Initially intended to just cut off a stringy piece but then thought 'what is the actual point of hanging on to the rest of it?' It'll make my life a bit easier, plus its concealed.

 I actually tend to wear my braids down/ in a low bun most of the time. I just flat twist the nape leave out and I keep the flat twist in for at least a week before i re- do it again.

The picture on the left was taken around the time I had just reached 11 months post. I split the leave out section into two and twisted each section. I was going to just snip the section of the twist where it clearly gets thinner but I was scared I would cut some of the new growth. So I unraveled the twists, wet my hair and cut the strands off, the long way.

Let's skip forward a few weeks...
Now I know what you're probably thinking (and you're right) my braids look awfully messy. I had a ridiculous amount of new growth. I've had them in for 3 months and the back section is the only section I haven't taken out to re-do. And since I don't wear my hair in high buns (unless i'm at home) I didn't realise it looked like this lol. But you'll be glad to know the braids are out! And i'm currently giving my hair a hot oil treatment as I type.
But looking past my braids for a second, the reason I took these photos was to show you my big-chopped nape section. I'm so glad I left this section out as compared to how it was before, its a lot thicker now, to the point where I could've actually braided it (with the extensions). I made sure that I kept that section thoroughly moisturised, and I sealed in the moisture with my jbco almost everyday. I think that cutting this section has made me more excited about going the whole way and cutting the rest of my relaxed ends off. I'm loving my texture. Its not at all as rough and tough as I expected. It's responding well to the products I already own which is great as it may mean I'll be less likely to buy/try out new products when my hair is 'fully natural'.

It'll be twelve months since I had my last relaxer next Wednesday!! I still can't believe I've made it this far to be honest lol. The braids have been a massive help though. I'm putting my hair in twists either next week or the week after. I purposely took my braids out this week for the obvious reason that it's been 3 months, and also because I wanted it out so I could see what one years hair growth looked like as I've never thoroughly examined my hair growth as much as I have in my transition. 
I'll be sure to share some texture shots, length checks and all that jazz with you guys in my coming posts.

Anyway how are you guys doing? Feel free to share any of your small or drastic hair updates!
Take Care.

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Transition | Braids | Next on the list...

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the pictures used in the post. All pictures have been sourced from Google search.
Heyy guys!
Just checking in to share with you my next protective style. These are called Havana Twists/ Marley braids. They're basically long, thick Senegalese twists, and I think they're so pretty! I'm pretty sure I'll be able to get away with these for work.
I don't think i'll do mine very thick, probably around the size of the top left photo, if not smaller.
I'm going to attempt to do them myself around July time, and so in preparation I have been scouring YouTube for tutorials.

What do you guys think of these twists? And have any of you worn Havana/ Marley twists before? 

Feel free to share any tips you think I should know before installing them.
Take Care.

Monday, 27 May 2013

Castor Oil Challenge Summer 2013 @ KCCM

Heyy guys! Hope you're all doing well!
As you know, I always miss out on the 'official' castor oil challenges going around, so I tend to do them at a random time of the year. BUT I've been on the ball this time around and I've found out about one starting next week. My Castor Oil challenge posts seem to be quite popular so I thought you guys would appreciate the heads up.
Jenell from KinkyCurlyCoilyMe is hosting a 2013 summer castor oil challenge. It'll begin on Saturday 1st June and will end on Sunday 1st September.
You can read all the rules, FAQ's, T&C's, ABC's over on her blog. You can click the link below to go directly to the challenge page:
It does require registration (in the comments section), but this is a good way to socialise and share your progress, as well as viewing the progress of others. Plus she has some hair goodies to giveaway to a lucky challenge member!

If you're like me and you probably wont have the time to actively be a part of this challenge (i.e checking in at least nine times) then you can participate 'silently' and do it on your own.
Even though I still have my braids in (yes its been about 9 weeks now...) I'm still going to get involved. Let me know if you'd like me to share my results, even though I probably will anyway lol.
Remember you can use any brand of Castor oil, so don't feel that you need to get Jamaican Black. Just ensure that its pure or organic.
Let me know if you're taking part!
Take Care.

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Transition| Braids (round 2) + 11 Months post!

Heyy guys!
Two posts ago I mentioned that I had changed a few things in my braid care routine and so here is the update as promised. Also I made it to 11 months (44 weeks) post relaxer as of yesterday. It slipped right past me! I was just about to jot something down in my daily planner and there in capitals was '11 MONTHS POST'. Is it weird that I keep my transitioning notifications in my planner? lol.
So, yes, I thought i'd combine my transition and braids update as the deets all tie in together.
So I put my hair in braids on 25th March, meaning I've had them in for just over one month. I plan on keeping them in until June which will be the one year mark in my transition (months-wise). It's come around so quickly. I'm quite excited and equally surprised that I've made it this far!

When I installed them this time around, I left out some hair at the nape of my neck so that i could care for it separately. You remember last month when it was bitterly cold? Yeah, I carelessly forgot to put on my satin scarf underneath my beanie which made my hair so dry and my hair thinned slightly. So, I have a section of my hair out at the back which I have flat twisted and take out each time I wash my hair. I have also cut a significant amount of my relaxed hair off of this section, and I'll probably cut it all off (of that section) by the time my braids come out in June. Small steps.

One thing I always suffer from after removing my braids is product build up. Even back in my secondary school days when I used to live in braids, the removal always took so long as product build up and matting made it harder for me to detangle. So to hopefully put an end to this problem I have been scouring the forums and blogs for tips. I'm still moisturising and sealing everyday, but if I do happen to miss a day, it's no big deal. I never go more than two days without M&S'ing though. I'm moisturising with my aloe vera juice mix since it's nice and light, and I have been sealing it in with coconut oil. During my last braid install I was moisturising with the thick Cantu SheaButter Leave-in and sealing with the even thicker Jamaican Black Castor Oil. There's just no need lol, especially as the weather is getting hotter which doesn't help. I am still using the JBCO, but just on my edges and the left out hair at my nape.
I am so sorry about my DRY hands lol, i didn't even realise!
I still shampoo- wash my hair/braids every other week. When browsing the hair forums I saw that a lot of ladies diluted their shampoo in a spray bottle/applicator bottle before applying it to their braids. Me being 'Build- up- Becca', didn't even think of that. I used to just apply my shampoo to my scalp as normal. So, for this braid install I'm trying out the diluted shampoo tip, and I'll evaluate at the end whether that, as well as my lighter M&S'ing, has helped my build up problem.
I'm currently mixing equal parts of shampoo and water in a spray bottle. I shake it up, spray it directly to my scalp and massage it in with the pads of my fingers. It's so easy, and I can even do it out of the shower, which is handy. I then let the water from the shower rinse the shampoo out. Doing it this way apparently allows the dirt to be lifted from your scalp easier. And while using shampoo directly can have the same effect, there's not the added chance it could get clogged in your braid and wont be fully rinsed out.
Shampoo is for the scalp and conditioner is for the hair, so i follow up with mix of conditioner and water, concentrating on the length of the braid, up to where I think my real hair ends. I let the water from the shower rinse this out too. So far i'm liking this technique. It's a lot quicker, and my hair does feel clean afterwards, so it works.

Let me know if you have used this wash method, and feel free to share any of your braid maintenance tips.

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Hair Love of the Week!

Heyy guys!

S'been a while since I've done one of these.
This weeks hair loveage goes to Beyonce.

I'm sure you've all seen this picture by now, amongst the many scattered around the internet from her trip to Cuba. She was there a few weeks ago celebrating her anniversary with Jay- Z. Aren't they cute!

You guys know I love box braids and so this gets a big thumbs up from me. I definitely prefer the brown braids over her blonde ones she was sporting earlier in the year. It'd be nice to see her rock this style more often as it really does suit her.

What d'you guys think?

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Long time no post!

Heyy guys!
Long time no post eh? It's been about four weeks since my last blog post :s my apologies for this! Within my four weeks away I've turned 22, visited New York and come back and got a new job.. All excuses reasons for my absence.
People always ask if it feels any different once you turn a year older, and I guess that I do this year as I actually miss being 21 lol. 22 feels... weird. 
In my last post, i mentioned that i was going to New York and that i'd also be putting my hair in braids again, which I did. I didn't mention the last time I installed my braids that it actually took me around 3 days to do lol. I was sorta learning as I was going along and I took several breaks, hence why it took so long. But this time around I managed to install them in just two days. Get in! Hopefully my next install will take one day. I stress 'hopefully' as it probably won't happen. My hair routine for braids has changed again slightly from the last time, so i'll be sure to update you on the changes, in a blog post soon.

Here's some snaps from my trip...

New York was absolutely amazing! I didn't want to bombard you with pictures so I've just included a few from the trip. It was my first time on American soil, and the experience was interesting to say the least. Every local I spoke to couldn't understand my London accent or were surprised when I opened my mouth to speak, which was funny. I wish I could've stayed for longer and done some more sight seeing. I'm definitely going to visit again some time in the future.

Hopefully I can get back into my weekly blogging now. I haven't even been reading blogs lately so I'm off to do a major catch up! Feel free to leave the link to your blog and I'll have a butchers at them.
Take Care.


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