Thursday, 15 November 2012

Transition | 5 Months post

Heyy guys!
So as it says in the title, i am now 5 months post. Yay! It's come around quick!
As I described in my last transition update post, there are still no troubles this month. The transition is going rather well... though I hope I haven't jinxed myself now. 
I haven't done anything particularly fancy this month. I've just been wearing my hair in a bun most days.
I'm preparing to straighten my hair next week for my graduation, eek! Heat hasn't passed my hair since my last relaxer (26th June '12)... so its been a good while. I'm slightly nervous. At this point I should explain I'm only straightening a small section of leave out (I'm going to give my clip-ins another go). To some it may not be a big deal, but to me it sorta is lol. I'm going to be sure to slap on heaps of the heat protector for increased protection. The last thing I want is damage of any sort, especially on my hair which has just grown in. It would almost seem like such a waste of new growth, you know what I mean.

Speaking of which, I'm loving my new growth at the moment. As usual I cannot stop touching it lol. I'm starting to see a pattern now in the curls. I've found that this pattern isn't the same for my entire head i.e the curls seem to be tighter in the middle sections of my head, and fairly looser on the sides. In the image above, I held a white piece of paper against my new growth to show you guys more of the defined curls. The image on the left side shows my new growth at its maximum length; I just held my hair taut. The image on the right shows my new growth without me having to 'stretch' or pull it. So my new growth lies naturally at around 50% of its true length.
At this point I have no idea what hair type I am. I thought I was 4a possibly 3c? The whole hair type malarkey isn't entirely important to me, but if any of you have an idea of what i may be, then by all means let me know :)

I think that's all for this months update. My regimen is still exactly the same, and I haven't incorporated any new products or methods this month. It's been pretty stress- free :)
Hope you're all well. Take Care.


  1. wow! it's growing! ;) keep on! i encourage you!kisses

  2. Thats alot of growth for 5weeks, congrates.
    Yh, I've been transitioning just over a year now and im loving it, Hope you are too.
    I dont really get the hair typing either, I just go with what people have told me lol

    1. Lol thank you, if this was 5 weeks growth i would big chop earlier but its 5 months.
      That's good to hear! I'll have to come to you for some tips :)
      I'm glad i'm not the only one who doesn't get it lol x

  3. oh myy.. to start with as i said before.. this is like how much growth i had at 7 months post when i did my last update.. but wow in this pic our curl patterns are so similar..even the different variations lol take a look at my curl pattern here and tell me they are not similar haha!!.. xx

    1. Yesss I agree, they are really similar! Lol. Even the blog posts are slightly similar lol.
      I look forward to reading ur next new growth update :) x


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