Monday, 8 October 2012

I'm Ready...

Heyy guys!
A few posts ago i mentioned i had two pieces of exciting news; the first being the opening of my etsy shop (yay! lol) and now i owe you the last piece. This post has been in my drafts folder for sooo long, mostly because i kept changing my mind, but i feel that now is the time to finally publish it. This might be a long one so get comfy!

If you read my last relaxer update, I mentioned that i would try and stretch that relaxer for 6 months. Well since then I've changed my mind slightly and decided to have a go at transitioning to natural! :D

So why have i  decided to go natural i hear you ask? Funnily enough I first contemplated going natural a few days before my last relaxer (June). I'd been inspired by a photo (which I cannot find now for the life of me). I became intrigued about my own natural hair and started to wonder whether I should give it a go. As I mentioned in the update, I had a job interview that week and for some reason I had forgotten about my latest ponderings and relaxed my hair anyway. At the time half of me did regret doing this but half of me didn't as I had gotten blind-sided by my hair growth.

However i remember one boring afternoon i started examining my hair/ edges in the mirror, you know, as you do. I've always had an issue with my edges but a closer look really changed my perspective on things. Upon a closer look, my hair follicles looked damaged (almost scaley). I became worried and so i made a conscious decision to leave it alone completely and give up on the creamy crack. I did think about self relaxing so that I could control the whole relaxing process but I'm worried about over/under-processing my hair which is what happened when i used to self relax. If that wasn't bad enough, I also noticed that my a small section of my crown area was quite dry and didn't feel right. I examined it in the mirror to find I had severe breakage. I didn't know what to do. I know now that the reason for this was due to my clip ins. It's gotten much better now from the help of JBCO, not touching it, and not wearing the clip-ins. If I were to wear them again I would definitely clip them onto cornrows instead of just my sectioned hair.

I mentioned earlier that I kept changing my mind about doing this post; mostly because I kept changing my mind about the whole transition. A part of me is fully for the decision due to the state of my edges and a part of me just didn't see myself completing the transition. I have to say that these parts of me were not equal. Probably 70-30 lol so I knew I would end up doing it regardless.

I remember the first person i actually told was my brother lol. He claims he knows about hair but he doesn't lol. He was surprisingly quite supportive in my decision. I went on to tell my mum to which her response was 'Okayyy, Becks'. I think she took what i said with a pinch of salt. My mum is what you call a relaxer stan! She would never give up her relaxers lol.
The response from friends has actually been quite good, as a few of my close friends are natural anyway. Naturally there was one who didn't quite understand why and tried to talk me out of it, but it's cool. I didn't let it mess up my mind frame.

To be honest it is going to be weird for me as I've had straight hair more or less my whole life, but I'm excited to wear my natural curls. I've been relaxed from a very young age. I still haven't gotten a definitive answer from my mum as to why she chose to relax my hair, but its along the lines of that it was more manageable. I am slightly nervous about natural hair and its manageability but I'm going to view it the same as my relaxed hair journey. Before i started my hair journey i had no idea what I was doing or how to properly look after my hair but I learnt and I'm open and willing to learn how to look after my hair in it's natural state. It might be more time consuming but I honestly don't mind.

To get myself used to it ahead of time (looks-wise) I've been doing braidouts and twistouts quite often. Twistouts are probably my favourite at the moment.
I still have that tiny, itty bitty bit of doubt that I wont be able to complete it but I'm trying to stay as motivated as I can. A great motivator for me at the moment is @TheNaturalCommunity on Instagram. They post daily photos of ladies with natural hair. Check them out if you haven't already! Another great motivator for me is YouTube. I spend a bit tooo much time on YT lol but there are some videos I know will be a massive help down the line.

Ok so lets talk about my hair! I'll be 4 months post as of next week. I've come to realise i haven't shown my hair on my blog in a while! I haven't done a length check either since my last relaxer. I'm not into length checks as much as i was before. I've switched to new growth checks lol. I find myself constantly checking out my new growth now. As my hair was airdrying yesterday I noticed my curl pattern and I loves it! :)

So, I think that's all I have to say for now! I hope I didn't come across as a so called Natural Ninja. I still love relaxed hair and have come across soo many people who have had successful relaxed hair journeys, but I'm ready to explore the natural in me! :)
I think I'm going to leave this post pictureless as I haven't done one of those in a while. But images to support this will be coming in a few posts time!

I'd love to hear from anyone who is transitioning right now. What have been your ups and downs through your transition? And any tips will be greatly appreciated!  Take Care :)


  1. i was transitionning to but i could'nt wait and i big choped after 4month post relaxer! i'm now at 2months post big chop! :) in my trnasitioning it was very difficult for me to handle new grow and relaxed hair so i used to wear box braids and apply castor oil on my scalp for my new hair to grow maybe faster! lol now that i have cut my relaxed hairs i'm still wearing box braids; and wave and still applying oils! i think i will do this for one year , because i dont know what to do with my TWA that is ! hope i bring you some support!:)

    you will be welcome on my blog :


    1. Aw thank you for your comment and congrats on your big chop! :)
      I think i'm going to wear braids too for a while just so that I don't have to deal with the two textures lol

  2. I've always had natural hair so unfortunately I don't really have any transitioning advice, but I just wanted to say good luck on your journey :) x

  3. I've just started transitioning, and started a blog, in the hopes that it will motivate me to continue...

    The downs I'm having soo far is that I had a short hair cut done shortly before deciding to go natural. I thought that it would then be an ideal time to go natural, trying to avoid the Big Cut. But I've found this a bigger problem than a solution, in that it's difficult to find transitioning hair styles. My hair can't comfortably go in on, and doing bandu knots or twists or anything of that sort is quite difficult, as my hair is so short and the ends soo straight.

    I managed to find one way so far to do the bandu knots using rubber bands, this has proven to be quite good so far, and I want to do a post about it to see what people think. A bit iffy on the rubber bands side though.

    1. Ooh cool! It's nice to find another transitioner. Just followed your blog :)
      How far into your transition are you? If you're struggling to find the right style for your shorter hair you could try a protective style (like braids) in the mean time until you get a little more length? Or better yet, check out youtube tutorials for some inspiration?

      Oo i've never heard of doing bantu knots with rubber bands. Would love to see how that looks! I get what you mean though, you gotta be careful with the rubber bands because they could cause breakage

    2. Thanks, I've actually never had braids before. I've just thought that it wouldn't suit my face, I like to cover my forehead as much as possible. Lol.

      I've just tried to be really careful with the rubber bands. But my next post will show how I do it and the results.

      But YouTube and blogspot like yours have been my go to for ideas.


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