Monday, 17 September 2012


Heyy guys!
So about two posts ago i mentioned that i had two pieces of news for you guys, so here i am with the first.

If you haven't already guessed from the rather large logo above i have started my own jewellery line! woop woop!
This is something i've been wanting to do for ages and i'm so excited to finally be launching my own little boutique.

It's amazing how many brand names are actually taken so i decided to keep mine simple and keep with the theme of my blog.

The website is: 

so feel free to have a look around and get your hands on a piece of jewellery if it takes your fancy.

So far i have 8 pieces listed but i'll be adding more during the week. The rings are all vintage and so you'll have to be quick to snatch them up, but there are plenty of earrings. 
All items are made by myself. I also offer a made to order service, and so if there is a specific requirement you need or design you would like then feel free to make a request by emailing me at

I will be shipping items everywhere :) but shipping costs will apply. However keep your eyes peeled for discount codes which will be coming to you soon!

Anyway, i hope you like! :D
I'd love some feedback (good and bad) from my fellow bloggers so get in touch! :)
Take care for now.


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