Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Deep Conditioner mix 2.0!

So two posts ago i shared with you my deep conditioner mix. I'm temporarily trying out the Tresemme Naturals conditioner with a few other bits and bobs until i can go and purchase my regular conditioner (Elasta QP Intense Fortifying Conditioning Treatment).
The thing i love about the Elasta QP conditioner is that it contains silk proteins so i am able to keep my hair strengthened during the week with a light form of protein. It also is super moisturising and so i find that it has the right protein- moisture balance for me.

Unfortunately the Tresemme conditioner is a moisturising conditioner and so it lacks the protein my hair craves. SO after browsing the interwebs i discovered a way to fix my temporary problem... Coconut Milk!
It may sound strange but coconut milk has a great source of protein. It's light, and can added to your mix with ease. I purchased my can of CM from Asda for just 89p!
To create the mix i added 1/4 cup of the Tresemme conditioner, 1 tablespoon of Honey, approx. 3 drops of Castor oil and three drops of Extra Virgin Olive Oil to my mixing bowl. I heated a 1/4 of a cup of the coconut milk for a few seconds in a pot. This is optional but i just did this to remove any clumps and bumps. I then added the CM to my mixing bowl.
Tip: mix and add in the CM gradually or the mixture can get really watery. I had to learn this the hard way.
I then proceeded to apply the mix to my hair as normal.

Some benefits of Coconut Milk for the hair:
- Can promote growth 
- Effective at controlling excessive hair loss
- Contains Vitamin E and high levels of fat which work well to moisturise hair
- No harmful side effects
- Helps to control dandruff
- Can be used alone as a protein treatment.

Honestly, i do like this method and i did feel and see a comparison between this and my former mix without the CM. However it does seem like it would be a hassle in the long run. I think that, like most, i would prefer to buy one product that has it all rather than buying separate products. So with saying, that i cannot wait to repurchase my Elasta QP conditioner! lol. But this method has definitely helped in the meantime. :)

Have any of you tried Coconut Milk? What were your thoughts on it?

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