Tuesday, 28 August 2012

My Holiday Hair Care Essentials!

Why hello there! Long time no post, right?

Today i thought i'd share with you my Holiday Hair Care Essentials. I've just arrived back from an amazing holiday in Italy and boy was it hot! Here's a list of the hair items i took with me and a few things i wished i had packed. Hopefully this will help anyone who's stuck on what to take/ how to continue with their routine when abroad.

1. Heat Protectant.
It's usually assumed that heat protectants are used when applying direct heat to your hair, but they can also help to protect your hair from the rays of the sun. A quick spritz of a heat protectant can also prevent the hair from looking and feeling dry throughout the day. I used Tresemme's Iron Style and Hold Spray. I think that getting a heat protectant in the spray form is the best option as it allowed me to easily distribute it to my hair before i ventured out into town. Tresemme also do their products in travel sizes which is great! So you can even carry it around with you during the day.

Where to buy: http://www.superdrug.com/travel/tresemme-heat-defence-styling-spray-mini-60ml/invt/383996/

2. Mini Bottles/ Spray bottle/ Travel kit
These are so handy and free up a lot of space in your suitcase. Instead of taking large 300ml bottles of your moisturiser, shampoo, conditioner, leave ins etc, you could opt to transfer them into travel bottles. This is something i will definitely do next time. Travel bottle kits are very inexpensive and i would recommend checking out Primark where you can pick up a pack of 3 bottles and 3 pots for just £1!

3. Accessories
My next holiday hair essentials are accessories. I made sure i still kept up my protective styling game and so i brought all types of accessories from hair bands, pins and clips to hold my styles together. Other accessories include a nice summer hat to not just protect your face but your hair also. They're great at covering bad hair days too!

4. Swimming hat
Now, if you know me you'd know that i love to swim. My Mum says i was like a fish when i was younger as i just loved being in the water lol. A good ol' swimming hat will stop your hair from getting wet and will stop the chlorine/ salt water leaving you with dry hair. For those of you who'd rather not wear a swimming hat i have an alternative! Before hitting the pool, apply an oil of your choice to your hair or pour water onto your hair. Water and oil act as barriers to the chlorine leaving you able to swim freely with your tresses out.

So those are my 4 holiday hair care essentials. I hope they were helpful to someone out there. Feel free to leave your holiday hair care essentials as a comment below!

I have two exciting pieces of news but i shall reveal all later. So 'til next time, take care folks!


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