Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Relaxer Update #3!

As described in my last, last post, i relaxed my hair at 12 and a half weeks post. I feel i could've gone a little longer, but i actually had an job interview that week and so i thought i'd take the opportunity to do it early.

So guess what? I actually had a good relaxer experience! yay! lool. In my last two relaxer updates i didn't have the best experience due to little incidents which i wont bore you over again lol, but yea i actually have no complaints this time around.
I purposely went to the salon a little earlier to avoid having to wait around. I went so early that i was actually the only customer at the time, which hasn't happened in a while. My hairdresser knew what she was doing and so the process didn't take that long. I was in and out quite swiftly! I didn't trim my hair this time around but i lightly dusted (trimmed) my hair myself at home.

As usual, my hair was super greasy when i got home. Boy, do hairdressers love piling on the products! My hair was so weighed down (and flat) that i had to wash it, so the very next day i co-washed my hair with Hello Hydration conditioner just to get out the grease! This helped a lot but my hair was still flat :/ and if you've read my previous posts you'll know that i hate having super flat hair! lol.

Anyway, i washed my hair again 3 days later as this was my next wash day. This time i made sure i did a protein treatment to strengthen up my hair. I know many people do it before the relaxer but i thought there'd be nothing wrong with doing it afterwards.

Right now I'm 3weeks post (sorry it's taken so long to get this update up!) but i think i might try and stretch for 6 months, if i can. Wish me luck! Also i realised that the pictures supporting my previous relaxer updates are more length check photos and so i thought i'd hold off from doing one this time around and do a "big reveal" after my stretch. Apologies for my awkwardly posed replacement photo lol.

Anyway, hope you're all well! Take Care :)


  1. Your hair looks nice!
    Looks super smooth :)
    It's nice to hear you had a incident experience, getting your hair relaxed can be daunting haha.

    1. aw thank you! :)
      I know, right. I was so relieved lol

  2. what do you use for protein treatment missy?I need some ideas

    1. Heyy :) I use ORS Hair Mayonnaise, Its pretty good.
      Aphogee is also a good brand to use apparently, or you could try just using an egg mixed with an oil(s) of your choice x


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