Friday, 27 July 2012

Mineral Oil- free!

Heyy guys!
I recently picked up a new mosturiser called S-Curl No Drip Activator Moisturiser after carefully reviewing the ingredients of my previous moisturiser (Elasta QP Recovery Anti Breakage Oil Moisturiser) and finding that it contained Mineral Oil... Paraffinum Liquidium to be exact.

Now, this whole debate about whether mineral oil is good for the hair tends to be slightly one sided with the main argument being that its bad for the hair and products which contain it should be avoided in your hair journey. Products containing mineral oil supposedly give the illusion of moisturised, shiny hair but in fact it just sits on top of your hair preventing moisture getting in. However there have been many people who have had no problem achieving healthy hair using products which contain mineral oil, and so it may depend on the individual and their hair care practices.
Anyway i thought it was time i looked for a new moisturiser so i could review for myself the differences, if any, between mineral oil free and mineral oiled products. After reading various reviews i decided to go with S-Curl. I picked it up for £2.49 at my local hair shop. As described on the bottle, it's great for "curls, waves and natural hair". As well as being mineral oil free, it also contains Glycerine (the 2nd ingredient) which is a humectant, meaning that it draws moisture from the air to your hair to prevent dryness.

It comes with a pump and the instructions advise that you pump it straight onto your hair and massage it in. Personally i'd feel like that was too much product on my hair, and so when moisturising and sealing i squeeze out two pumpfuls into my hand and apply to my sectioned hair in that way.

It has a nice aroma and the consistency resembles a light, creamy texture. My hair doesn't feel weighed down at all when i use it. I've noticed that since using it my hair doesn't get as greasy as it used to between wash days, which is great. My hair also feels noticeably softer, to the point where i cant stop touching it lol. Its a big thumbs up for me.
I'm trying to avoid becoming a product junkie and so i will keep this in my regimen as the ingredients seem fine and the results are good. I've been using S-Curl for about 2-3 weeks now but i didn't want to give you a review until i'd tested it out properly.

As for my Elasta QP moisturiser; it's currently sitting on my shelf gathering dust lol.

Have any of you guys tried S-Curl? And, what are your feelings towards Mineral Oil, if any?
Take Care.


  1. Hi Rebecca,

    This S-Curl is sitting on my floor gathering dust.. I give it the occassional wipe to clean the dust off.

    I bought it after reading all the raves about it. I use WAVE Nouveu and my hair feels nice and moisturised while using this, however being the product junkie I can be i bought it.

    It was alright but I didn't like the wet look it let me with and after a week or so of trying it I sprinted back to WN and haven't looked back.

    I am however trying out a new moisturiser from the ORS new intense moisture range (again I was lured to this in the shop when it wasn't what went there for)

    I hope the S-curl is still working good for you?

    Take care


    1. Heyy Maureen!
      I was actually going to try Wave Nouveau. It was between that and the S-Curl, but when reading the ingredients i found that the WN had mineral oil so i chose S-curl in the end.

      Lol I know what you mean about the wet look it gives! I'm still using it but i found that applying it to my hands first, mixing it then applying it to my hair was a way of overcoming this. A little goes a long way, so i haven't given up on it just yet :)

  2. Oh great! What about the mane and tale detangler, does it contain mineral oil? I feel strongly about not using mineral oil (nothing I picked up from the "natural hair community" , I've actually avoided it since I was like 14.. lol 5 years ago. Anyway reason being that I think there is no other reason for a company to use Mineral Oil- then the fact that it is extremely cheap for them. And also, it can obviously be quite heavy but it depends how much that is in there. As a brand I think they should always try to use high quality ingredients, instead of cheaper ones. I am sure Mineral Oil is considered a "filler" by most brand- a cheap ingredient used to dilute the product to keep costs down. xx

    1. Yess I agree, mineral oil is considered cheap and so companies are attracted to that. It helps to give the hair a shiny, glossy appearance but really all it does is sit on your hair and has little moisturising properties.
      Mane and Tale detangler doesn't contain mineral oil. I loove that product, you should try it. Especially as you're transitioning too. It's helped my detangling process so much! xx


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