Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Hair Love of the Week!

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Heyy guys!
It's been a while since i've done one of these, hasn't it!

This weeks Hair Lovage goes out to Azealia Banks. You may know her from the amazingly catchy songs 212 and Liquorice. I warn you now, her lyrics are very explicit! lol.

I have to say i'm loving this hair colour. I think it suits her personality so well. You don't see many people rocking purple hair so i think it makes her stand out somewhat.

I know that i previously shared my purple hair love here with Kelly Osbourne but you and i both know it wouldn't look as right on Azealia as it  does on Kelly. However, I think that this is perfect shade of purple.

I know that Miss Banks will definitely be featuring in a future Hair Love of the Week post as she seems to be switching up her hair a lot, and i'm definitely a fan!

What d'you guys think?


  1. i loovee Azaelia banks
    i think this hair color really suits her too


    1. :) Yeaa i love that she brings something different

  2. I love that now that your transitioning your hair loves are natural. I am completely the same , and my transitioning story btw is really similar to urs. Except i wasnt inspired by anyone i just got really intrigued by my own curls, but again like you- i relaxed it yet another time and left it as a thought at the back of my head, then i stretched my realxer for my usual 3 months and two months in i was like- im going natural lol, no reason, i just want my curly hair now. :)

    1. Yea I noticed that too lol.
      Same, I've admired curly hair for a while then it dawned on me- my hair is naturally 'curly' and so why didn't I just take a stab at transitioning :)xx


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