Monday, 2 July 2012

Castor Oil 2 Month Challenge Results!

Heyy guys!
So, my 2 month challenge has finished. Not sure what i'm on about? Click here.
Apologies for the late update! I actually extended it by 1 month... no real reason, i just simply got too used to my new regime. I think the challenge went well and I'm really happy that this technique can fit so comfortably into my current regimen.

So, for three months i applied castor oil to my scalp a minimum of twice a week. During the first month i was on it! I would never miss a day and would apply it to my hair at any occasion. However, within the second month i did get quite lazy and i was probably only applying it to my hair and scalp once/ twice a week, if that. But, towards the end of the second month, entering into the third month of the challenge, i decided to switch it up a bit to make it easier for my lazy self.

So during the last month i decided to apply the JBCO to clean hair only. I have been using it mainly after i apply my leave in conditioner as a sealant (so twice a week) and i would apply it to my hair every other week as a hot oil treatment/pre-poo before shampoo-washing my hair. During the week that i didn't pre-poo i would use apply the jbco for scalp massages. I think that applying it to my scalp on clean has helped a lot as my new growth has seemed a lot fuller and thicker than usual, and using it as a pre-poo treatment has helped to add shine to my hair and overall thicker strands.

Although i was getting quite a bit of new growth i couldn't help but get quite sceptical. I wasn't sure whether it was actually down to the jbco as my hair does grow quite fast and i was about 10 weeks post, so new growth is a given. I think this is something i'll have to investigate further.

Length-wise, i guess my hair has grown somewhat. I recently relaxed at 12 and a half weeks post, and so my relaxer update will be up soon. I was expecting my hair to be a bit longer but to be honest i think i got too blind sighted by the success stories etc i came across of ladies who had taken part in the challenge lol.

I think that's all for the update, but let me know if you want to know anything else.
Have any of you taken part in the castor oil challenge? Feel free to share your results!
Take Care :)


  1. Hello!
    Tell me you do routines to grow your hair afro?

    1. Heyy!
      My hair is relaxed but i have a regular routine i guess to help it grow. I'm not going natural its just that when my hair does grow at the roots, the texture is different to my relaxed hair.
      I hope that answered your question :s

  2. Hey

    You have a cute blog, and yeah I have begun to use castor oil as well to strengthen the sides and nape hair. But I read somewhere that castor oil is also heavy on the hair shaft so to use it sparingly which is what I am currently doing. Just a tip I wanted to share with you.

    A nice read


    1. Heyy! Thank you so much for your comment and your tips! :)
      Yea it is quite heavy. I'm currently only using it on my edges every day and the rest of my head about twice a week.

      Hope the castor oil works well for u! x

  3. Thats is a loot of growth, I've had similar results during 3 months :) I use normal Castor Oil and been using it for long, not doing a challenge though..

    Loving your blog & following.. x Take Care!

    1. Oo really? Yea I'm loving the results castor oil brings.
      Thank you so much. You too! :)

  4. That's some nice re-growth there girl...

    I used to always joing in on these challenges but in the end I may have gotten lazy and never quite finished.

    Now I use castor oil once a week after my hair wash and this has helped thicken my hair and promote good growth.

    My mum relaxes my hair and is currently threatening to stop doing it as it's too long and the new growth is too thick lol..

    Take care Maureen

    1. Thank you!
      I use it every night on my egdes. Love the stuff!

      Lol wow it must be working really well then.
      Hi5 to castor oil indeed! :)


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