Friday, 27 July 2012

Mineral Oil- free!

Heyy guys!
I recently picked up a new mosturiser called S-Curl No Drip Activator Moisturiser after carefully reviewing the ingredients of my previous moisturiser (Elasta QP Recovery Anti Breakage Oil Moisturiser) and finding that it contained Mineral Oil... Paraffinum Liquidium to be exact.

Now, this whole debate about whether mineral oil is good for the hair tends to be slightly one sided with the main argument being that its bad for the hair and products which contain it should be avoided in your hair journey. Products containing mineral oil supposedly give the illusion of moisturised, shiny hair but in fact it just sits on top of your hair preventing moisture getting in. However there have been many people who have had no problem achieving healthy hair using products which contain mineral oil, and so it may depend on the individual and their hair care practices.
Anyway i thought it was time i looked for a new moisturiser so i could review for myself the differences, if any, between mineral oil free and mineral oiled products. After reading various reviews i decided to go with S-Curl. I picked it up for £2.49 at my local hair shop. As described on the bottle, it's great for "curls, waves and natural hair". As well as being mineral oil free, it also contains Glycerine (the 2nd ingredient) which is a humectant, meaning that it draws moisture from the air to your hair to prevent dryness.

It comes with a pump and the instructions advise that you pump it straight onto your hair and massage it in. Personally i'd feel like that was too much product on my hair, and so when moisturising and sealing i squeeze out two pumpfuls into my hand and apply to my sectioned hair in that way.

It has a nice aroma and the consistency resembles a light, creamy texture. My hair doesn't feel weighed down at all when i use it. I've noticed that since using it my hair doesn't get as greasy as it used to between wash days, which is great. My hair also feels noticeably softer, to the point where i cant stop touching it lol. Its a big thumbs up for me.
I'm trying to avoid becoming a product junkie and so i will keep this in my regimen as the ingredients seem fine and the results are good. I've been using S-Curl for about 2-3 weeks now but i didn't want to give you a review until i'd tested it out properly.

As for my Elasta QP moisturiser; it's currently sitting on my shelf gathering dust lol.

Have any of you guys tried S-Curl? And, what are your feelings towards Mineral Oil, if any?
Take Care.

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Relaxer Update #3!

As described in my last, last post, i relaxed my hair at 12 and a half weeks post. I feel i could've gone a little longer, but i actually had an job interview that week and so i thought i'd take the opportunity to do it early.

So guess what? I actually had a good relaxer experience! yay! lool. In my last two relaxer updates i didn't have the best experience due to little incidents which i wont bore you over again lol, but yea i actually have no complaints this time around.
I purposely went to the salon a little earlier to avoid having to wait around. I went so early that i was actually the only customer at the time, which hasn't happened in a while. My hairdresser knew what she was doing and so the process didn't take that long. I was in and out quite swiftly! I didn't trim my hair this time around but i lightly dusted (trimmed) my hair myself at home.

As usual, my hair was super greasy when i got home. Boy, do hairdressers love piling on the products! My hair was so weighed down (and flat) that i had to wash it, so the very next day i co-washed my hair with Hello Hydration conditioner just to get out the grease! This helped a lot but my hair was still flat :/ and if you've read my previous posts you'll know that i hate having super flat hair! lol.

Anyway, i washed my hair again 3 days later as this was my next wash day. This time i made sure i did a protein treatment to strengthen up my hair. I know many people do it before the relaxer but i thought there'd be nothing wrong with doing it afterwards.

Right now I'm 3weeks post (sorry it's taken so long to get this update up!) but i think i might try and stretch for 6 months, if i can. Wish me luck! Also i realised that the pictures supporting my previous relaxer updates are more length check photos and so i thought i'd hold off from doing one this time around and do a "big reveal" after my stretch. Apologies for my awkwardly posed replacement photo lol.

Anyway, hope you're all well! Take Care :)

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Hair Love of the Week!

Source- Google Images
Heyy guys!
It's been a while since i've done one of these, hasn't it!

This weeks Hair Lovage goes out to Azealia Banks. You may know her from the amazingly catchy songs 212 and Liquorice. I warn you now, her lyrics are very explicit! lol.

I have to say i'm loving this hair colour. I think it suits her personality so well. You don't see many people rocking purple hair so i think it makes her stand out somewhat.

I know that i previously shared my purple hair love here with Kelly Osbourne but you and i both know it wouldn't look as right on Azealia as it  does on Kelly. However, I think that this is perfect shade of purple.

I know that Miss Banks will definitely be featuring in a future Hair Love of the Week post as she seems to be switching up her hair a lot, and i'm definitely a fan!

What d'you guys think?

Monday, 2 July 2012

Castor Oil 2 Month Challenge Results!

Heyy guys!
So, my 2 month challenge has finished. Not sure what i'm on about? Click here.
Apologies for the late update! I actually extended it by 1 month... no real reason, i just simply got too used to my new regime. I think the challenge went well and I'm really happy that this technique can fit so comfortably into my current regimen.

So, for three months i applied castor oil to my scalp a minimum of twice a week. During the first month i was on it! I would never miss a day and would apply it to my hair at any occasion. However, within the second month i did get quite lazy and i was probably only applying it to my hair and scalp once/ twice a week, if that. But, towards the end of the second month, entering into the third month of the challenge, i decided to switch it up a bit to make it easier for my lazy self.

So during the last month i decided to apply the JBCO to clean hair only. I have been using it mainly after i apply my leave in conditioner as a sealant (so twice a week) and i would apply it to my hair every other week as a hot oil treatment/pre-poo before shampoo-washing my hair. During the week that i didn't pre-poo i would use apply the jbco for scalp massages. I think that applying it to my scalp on clean has helped a lot as my new growth has seemed a lot fuller and thicker than usual, and using it as a pre-poo treatment has helped to add shine to my hair and overall thicker strands.

Although i was getting quite a bit of new growth i couldn't help but get quite sceptical. I wasn't sure whether it was actually down to the jbco as my hair does grow quite fast and i was about 10 weeks post, so new growth is a given. I think this is something i'll have to investigate further.

Length-wise, i guess my hair has grown somewhat. I recently relaxed at 12 and a half weeks post, and so my relaxer update will be up soon. I was expecting my hair to be a bit longer but to be honest i think i got too blind sighted by the success stories etc i came across of ladies who had taken part in the challenge lol.

I think that's all for the update, but let me know if you want to know anything else.
Have any of you taken part in the castor oil challenge? Feel free to share your results!
Take Care :)


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