Wednesday, 20 June 2012

The Bantu Knot!

Heyy guys! :)
So this week I decided to try out my first bantu knot. I've been really lazy when it comes to protective styles, but I thought it was time I switched it up a little.

So I sectioned my hair into 8 parts; 4 equal-ish sections at the back and 4 smaller sections at the front (back of my ear to the hairline).
The bantu knot is achieved by twisting a section of hair (I twist to the left) and then wrapping the hair in a spiral as pictured. I did my bantu knots on air dried hair after moisturising and sealing. I slept with mine overnight and took them out in the morning.

Now, its not perfect but I am very happy with how they came out for a first attempt. I decided to add a cute little head scarf, which is actually a belt from a pair of trousers lol. I don't usually wear head scarfs as I feel they don't suit me, but I think it goes well with the curly/wavy hair.
I think this is now my favourite protective style, after bunning, as its so easy to do and the curls/waves are very versatile. When combing out my hair, the curls held and the wave pattern was not disturbed. So all in all its a big thumbs up from me!

Anyway hope you're all well! I've joined the instagram gang so feel free to follow me @rebecczzz. Btw i have no followers, nor am i following anyone lol so send your instagrams my way! :)


  1. This looks really good! I tried twist outs the other day which I think are similar but it came out soooo wrong haha! I think It's because my hair is in that awkward transition stage :/ half of it is natural, the other is relaxed!

    1. Thank you.
      Aw really? Practice makes perfect, I say! lol. Just keep at it. I found that watching youtube tutorials helped a lot! :) x

  2. love how your hair came out

    supporting your beautiful blog

    i hope youll support mine ;-)

    1. Awh thanks :)
      I'll swing by your blog now


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