Monday, 28 May 2012

Sulphate- free!

Heyy guys!
Isn't the weather just gorgeous right now? :) I've been enjoying the sunshine, hence my lack of blog posts. Nonetheless, i'm here now and i thought i'd do a little review-type post.

I recently bought Elasta QP's Creme Conditioning Shampoo as it doesn't contain any sulphates whatsoever. As i explained in my Shampoo for every occasion post, sulphates are typically a main ingredient in many shampoos as they help to thoroughly remove dirt and oil from your hair. Although this is a good trait, sulphates can sometimes leave the hair feeling very dry. I thought i'd try the Creme Conditioning shampoo to see for myself if there were any noticable differences.

I've used this shampoo for a few washes now and my hair loves it! The shampoo itself is silky-white in colour and has a strong, citrusy smell. I've come to notice that Elasta QP really love using fruity scents in their products; their Intense Forifying Conditioner has a very strong banana smell.

The texture of the shampoo is very thick, and i found that it takes a few go's for it to form a lather. Rinsing it out however was effortless. The shampoo glided off my hair with ease, leaving my hair feeling super, super soft.
Elasta QP claim that this shampoo 'leaves hair manageable' and i totally agree. I found that detangling was a lot easier. I usually suffer from really dry ends after i shampoo my hair, but it did not happen with this shampoo :)

My hair felt silky soft after shampooing, and the orange scent made my hair feel fresh and clean. I would say though that if you are not a fan of fruity smells, this product may not be for you as it can be quite strong. To be honest, i hate fruity smells myself (especially strawberry scents), but the aroma of this product is bearable for me. I will definitely be repurchasing! :)
I hope this post was helpful.
So, have any of you tried this shampoo? And what do you think of it?


  1. i had no idea it was sulphate free , ive been looking for a new shampoo , i'm gna try this one ! xx

    1. Yeaa, go for it! :) Hope it works for you xx

  2. I use this shampoo too, I love QP products.
    I've never checked before but Im glad its sulphate free maybe thats why my hair loves it :)

    1. oo do you? :) Samee here, i really like their range! x

  3. my shampoo is running out i'm definately going to buy it :)

    1. Go for it! :) I really recommend it. Hope you get good results x


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