Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Hair products & accessories haul!

Heyy guys!
Thought i'd come to you today with a haul. This is a collection of items i've bought during my time away from blogging.

1. Elasta QP Intense Fortfying Conditioning Treatment (£2.15)
I think its safe to say that this is my staple deep conditioner. This is a repurchase as i had run out.
2. Elasta QP Creme Conditoning Shampoo (£2.49)
I'm currently having a love- hate relationship with my current shampoo (i'll explain why in another post coming soon). Anyway i decided to swith to a sulphate- free shampoo. I wanted to stick with Elasta QP as i really like their range. I had heard some good things about the creme conditioning shampoo so i thought i'd give it a try.
3. ORS Hair Mayonnaise (£2.49)
Recently i found that my hair was shedding quite a bit whilst detangling and daily hair styling. As a result i thought it'd be best for me to do a protein treatment to help strengthen up my hair. I decided to buy ORS's hair mayonnaise. A post will be coming shortly describing the process and my experience.
4. Jamaican Black Castor Oil 8oz. (£13 incl. p&p)
As you guys know i'm currently doing the castor oil challenge. I ran out of jbco so had to repurchase quicktime. I decided to get the 8oz bottle as opposed to the 4oz i had before as jbco is more or less a staple product for me now and so it made sense.
5. Rat tail comb (£1.00)
Ok to be honest i just bought this for the rat tail lol. I usually part my hair with the teeth of my comb, but i felt that was a bit harsh on my hair. Plus the rat tail gives a straighter, neater parting in my opinion.
6. Dye applicator brush (£1.99)
I bought a pack of two applicator brushes to use when applying deep conditioners, protein treatments etc to my hair. Currently i just use my fingers, but i thought i'd give the brush a go. It was less than £2 also so it didn't break the bank.
7. ORS Creamy Aloe Shampoo (Sample)
So my last relaxer was around 7 weeks ago and the thought of all the product build up in my hair was worrying me. I mean, i wash my hair weekly but i knew i needed a good clarifying shampoo that would really clean my hair. I was going to buy the bottled creamy aloe shampoo but remembered i was given a bucket load of sample products after one visit to my local hair shop. Samples like these are a great try- before- you-buy.
8 and 9. Shower Caps
I bought a pack of 3 plastic shower caps from Superdrug for when i deep condition my hair, as my previous ones have been so flimsy, and rip quite easily. For the same reason i thought itd be best to buy a sturdy one also that i could actually use in the shower that wouldn't defeat its purpose and would keep my hair dry.

So that's my first hair products haul :)
Take care.


  1. I used to obsessed over hair may noise when I had permed hair lol

    1. oo really? I can't wait to use it! :)

  2. where did you get your jbo from ? i need to get some . xx

  3. never mind found your post lol


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