Wednesday, 4 April 2012

How i made my clip-ins

Heyy guys!
So, around a month ago i was considering the idea of clip-in extensions. Click here to see the post
I spent a good few weeks searching for a good brand at a reasonably good price. In the end i gave up. I wasn't too keen on paying £50-100 for a set of clip-ins.. SOO i decided to just go ahead and make my own! :)
It actually makes more sense for me to do this as it is sooo much cheaper, i can use hair that i know will blend with my own and i could control how thick/ thin i wanted each track to be.
Anyway heres a mini tutorial for anybody who'd like to also make their own clip-in extensions :)

1. You will need: a comb, scissors, weaving thread & weaving needle, Weave clips and one pack of weaving hair of your choice. I used Premium too 12 inch in colour 1b.
2. Section your hair and measure how long you want each clip-in to be by putting the tracks against your parting. Then cut the track at your desired width.

3. Place the weave clip along the weft of the hair. This is where you will start sewing. To ensure that the clip-ins blend well with your hair you can double or triple the tracks to give it a thicker look.

4.Make sure that the clip is the right way around before beginning. Create a knot with the needle and thread and begin to sew the clip to the track using the holes provided. In my case, my needle did not fit into the gold hole at the bottom and so i sewed in and out of the 'teeth' of the clip. When done, knot the thread and cut any loose, stray thread.

5. For longer tracks you need about 3 clips as shown in the image above. For narrower tracks you get away with 1 or 2 clips.

6. Finally part your hair into sections and attach the clips to your hair. You can backcomb the roots of your hair, or cornrow it to ensure that each clip is secure.

To be honest, i didn't have to do either. These clips are suprisingly sturdy!

I hope this post helped someone :)

In the pic to the right i'm just wearing two lines, so you can get an idea of what it looks like.

If you do have any questions then feel free to leave it as a comment.


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