Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Castor Oil 2 Month Challenge

Heyy guys!
Many of you may have heard of the castor oil challenge through hairlista or other hair blogs. If so, you'd know that it ended a few months ago. Yes, i'm super late lol but i dont think that should stop me from participating on my own.

So the challenge involves applying castor oil to your hair/scalp at least twice a week for a 2 month period. The before and after pictures on hairlista are so motivational, with some ladies seeing inches upon inches of new growth.

I will be using Jamaican Black Castor Oil, applying it to my scalp 3 times a week.
(after I wash my hair on sundays and wednesdays and during the week for a scalp massage)
I started last week and im continuing tonight after i co-wash my hair.

Feel free to join me in this challenge if you wish! :)

Whether you have your natural hair or you're sporting a weave, cornrows, braids, whatever.. you can take part!
And any type of castor oil can be used! You can purchase castor oil from any afro- caribbean hair store, and its also available in Asda and Tesco for under £2!
If you want to get your hands on Jamaican Black Castor Oil in the UK then check out ;)

I'm looking forward to seeing the results in June! :)


  1. Hi Rebecca, Good luck with the Challenge.
    Castor oil is my scalp oil and have been using it since the start of my journey. My hair has gotten very thick and this is a staple product in my regimen.

  2. Heyy Maureen!
    Thank you :) Yea, I like the results its given my hair already

  3. Hey, Good luck with your challenge.
    Thanks for posting the link. I've been looking for this product for quit a while. So I've been using West Indian caster oil it work alright :)

    I've nominated you for The Versatile blogger award check it out here:

    Kiwi ..x

    1. Heyy! Thank you :)
      And it's no problem! Yupp i heard the west indian one is good too.
      Oh wow thank you... I'll check it out now :)


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