Friday, 2 March 2012

"Step into who you are"

Heyy guys!
Normally i tend to shy away from celeb news/gossip on my blog but i just thought i'd share an article with you i found whilst i was supposed to be doing my work at uni... lol

Thandie Newton has decided to ditch relaxers to sport her natural curls. When asked why she simply answered that it was for the sake of her children. She did not want them to feel insecure about their hair, which is naturally quite coarse. Tbh i didn't know she even used relaxers!

She also mentions that Chris Rock's film 'Good Hair' was a great influence in preventing the use of chemical relaxers on her hair... I've seen the film and it was a real eye- opener!

Personally i love hearing/ reading stories like this. I decided not to copy any of the images from actual the article since they were all copyrighted.
But have a look at the article and let me know your views, if any :)


  1. thandie looks beautiful with her natural curls!

    great post x

    1. yea, she really does!
      Thank you :)

  2. I think her hair actually looks much nicer curly. Nice article to look at! x

    1. Yeaa same here! Curls are so underrated.
      Thanks :)x

  3. nice i think thats a nice thing to do not just for her kids but for other girls who see her as model.. though i still think relaxed hair is a personal choice. might not have to do anything with insecurity but more with not havin to maintain a coarse hair..

    1. Yea i agree. She's setting an example to other girls. When i was younger i relaxed purely because i couldnt maintain my natural hair and i guess i was slightly insecure, but because of people like her i can say my insecurities have definitely disappeared.

      Thank you for commenting :) x


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