Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Last day as a 20 year old...

Heyy guys!
It really has been a while since i last posted :S... my excuse? The usual "i've had so many coursework deadlines"... I really have!
But on the bright side, it's the easter break next week and more excitingly, as you've probably gathered from the title, its my 21st birthday tomorrow! :D woo
I feel so old! lol.

I spent a while this afternoon reflecting on my life thus far (yeah, i got deep). I feel like i've changed massively, but in a good way. I often look back at the 16 year old me and just cringeee lol. The way i acted, the people i knew and my overall view on life was wayyy different back then. I'm glad to say i've matured a lot since then and i'm really happy with where i'm at now :)

I'm excited to see what my 21st year on this earth has to bring!
Hopefully some good memories and a basket of opportunities :)


  1. Aww happy birthday for tomorrow!
    Fellow March princess x
    P.S I love your hair!
    MAC and Regal Rose giveaway!

  2. Happy 21st Birthday Hun, I Hope you having a great day


  3. Happy Belated Birthday!
    Sorry it's so late, only just saw this post.
    I hope you enjoyed your day :) x


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