Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Last day as a 20 year old...

Heyy guys!
It really has been a while since i last posted :S... my excuse? The usual "i've had so many coursework deadlines"... I really have!
But on the bright side, it's the easter break next week and more excitingly, as you've probably gathered from the title, its my 21st birthday tomorrow! :D woo
I feel so old! lol.

I spent a while this afternoon reflecting on my life thus far (yeah, i got deep). I feel like i've changed massively, but in a good way. I often look back at the 16 year old me and just cringeee lol. The way i acted, the people i knew and my overall view on life was wayyy different back then. I'm glad to say i've matured a lot since then and i'm really happy with where i'm at now :)

I'm excited to see what my 21st year on this earth has to bring!
Hopefully some good memories and a basket of opportunities :)

Monday, 19 March 2012

Hair Love of the Week!


Heyy guys! (plus a big hello to my new readers! Hope you're all okay :D)
It's that time again for another 'hair love of the week'! This week it's the lovely Yaya Dacosta

You may have seen her in America's Next Top Model: Cycle 3. She's also been in a tonne of films including the dance film 'Take The Lead'. She also appeared in Ugly Betty as Wilhemina's daughter.

She was my favourite model when she was on ANTM and i was so disappointed she didn't win. I just love everything about her really lol.
I've always admired her hairstyles over the years. I particularly like this one... C'est très chic!

I think she's made the braidout a lot more exciting (for a lack of a better word), and the red earrings compliment the look really well. 

I am definitely going to have a go at recreating this style once the weave is out! :)

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Time to throw in the towel?

Heyy guys!
Don't worry, i'm not giving up on my hair journey, I'm just here with another tip i came across whilst avidly learning more about hair care.
One thing i can say before i proceed is: don't knock it 'til you've tried it!

When drying your hair after a shampoo or co-wash, why not try using a t-shirt rather than a towel. I know we all have an old t-shirt that's lying around in your wardrobe or closet, that hasn't seen the light of day in a while, right? Well it now has some use!
I would recommend a cotton t-shirt, preferably oversized.
Using a T-shirt instead of a towel helps soak up the water without creating frizz. Compared to a T-shirt, towels have quite a rough texture and so it can completely dry out your hair, and simple rubbing can create frizziness.

If you're up for giving it a go, simply squeeze out the excess water from your hair after you have washed it and proceed to dry your hair with an old (,but clean) t-shirt. You can do so in the same manner as you would dry with a towel OR you can wrap the t-shirt on your head in a turban- like way and let it absorb the water naturally.

Give it a try if you wish, and come back and let me know how the t-shirt drying experience went for you :)

Friday, 9 March 2012

Weave: Leave-out care

Heyy guys!
It seems like its been a while since i blogged about my hair. Then again, when you have weave there's only so much you can talk about.

When i have a weave, me and my leave- out have a love- hate relationship. Some days i feel it looks decent and other days my hair feels dry, thinner and blah. Dont even get me started on blending! I'm not the best at blending my hair with weaves lol so that post is not gonna be in the pipeline any time soon! lol.

Anyway, this is how i treat my leave out hair when sporting a weave:
- Moisturise and seal every other day
- Oil my leave out area and the rest of my scalp with castor oil at least once a week... sometimes twice.
- Straighten only when needed (I'm still taking a shunning approach when it comes to heat)
- Use edge control daily to neaten up my egdes.
- Wash my hair with a shampoo every other week, followed by a deep condition
- Wash my hair with a conditioner every week that i do not wash with a shampoo, deep conditioning before hand.

There's not much to say about my nightly routine really. I just cover my whole head with a silk scarf and sleep :)

So, do any of you have a 'weave leave out regime'? Feel free to share below :)

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Happy Independence day, Ghana!

My Ghana T-shirt, Kente, My fave Braclet/bangle from Ghana
Heyy guys!
Just a quick post to say happy independence day to my fellow Ghanaians! :D
Ghana has now been an independent country for 55 years! wow
I didn't celebrate in any special way really as i'm currently ill :( so i have a date with my bed tonight!
If you are going to any events today, i hope you have fun azonto'ing the night away! :D

Monday, 5 March 2012

Hair Love of the Week!

Heyy guys!
I'm having withdrawl symptoms! I really do miss having braids lol. I said to myself i probably wouldn't get them again for a while but i may have to rethink that! (... Summer '12 style maybe?)

Braids were my go-to hairstyle up until i was about 19. My main inspiration was from the lovely, Brandy. I practically grew up watching her on Moesha and listening to her music.

I know a lot of girls have recently been inspired by Solange's box braids (as have i) but for me, when i think of braids i instantly think of Brandy. Her hair was is always so neat and fresh!
Although she mostly rocks the middle part, her hairstyles are still very versatile; my fave being the simple low bun.

So yeah, this weeks hair loveage goes to Brandy :)

Friday, 2 March 2012

"Step into who you are"

Heyy guys!
Normally i tend to shy away from celeb news/gossip on my blog but i just thought i'd share an article with you i found whilst i was supposed to be doing my work at uni... lol

Thandie Newton has decided to ditch relaxers to sport her natural curls. When asked why she simply answered that it was for the sake of her children. She did not want them to feel insecure about their hair, which is naturally quite coarse. Tbh i didn't know she even used relaxers!

She also mentions that Chris Rock's film 'Good Hair' was a great influence in preventing the use of chemical relaxers on her hair... I've seen the film and it was a real eye- opener!

Personally i love hearing/ reading stories like this. I decided not to copy any of the images from actual the article since they were all copyrighted.
But have a look at the article and let me know your views, if any :)


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