Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Review | JBCO

Heyy! :)
So as i promised two months ago, i now give you my JBCO review for anyone who may be interested. I'll try and keep it as short as poss! You can check out my first post on it by clicking here.

So i can honestly say i love this product! I have been using it religiously in my deep conditioner mix for 2 months now, adding about 2-3 tablespoons. Within my first month of using it (November- December) i applied it directly onto my hair around 3-4 times a week... serious stuff! Bear in mind, at the time i had senegalese twists in. In December when i took the twists out i decided to only apply it directly to my hair once a week when i did my scalp massages. It's a very thick oil and i really hated having it in my hair for too long. So as a result i allocated my scalp massage day to the day before i knew i was going to co-wash/ wash my hair. Another reason for this was the smell. Wowee did it pong! I know i said in my last post that the smell was somewhat bearable, but as i continued to use it more and more the smell sort of got to me lol.
I have to admit there have been some weeks where i have totally forgotten to use it (I don't even think i've used it this week :S lol) but i always added it to my DC. I personally think it has worked for me. My new growth was very, very thick. The thickest it's been actually. Plus i had a lot more new growth than usual. When i went to the salon to get my hair relaxed, even my hairdresser was suprised at how much new growth i had! ha
I'm really happy i've started to use it. I feel my hair is a lot stronger and softer than it used to be, and i believe it has been a catalyst in growing my hair.

So what's next you ask?
  • I will continue to use JBCO: 2-3tsb in my deep conditioner (twice/week) + Directly onto my scalp before a co-wash day (once- twice/week)
  • I hope to start doing hot oil treatments using JBCO at least once a month
  • My edges are crying out SOS! so i'll be paying particular attention to this area when applying the oil.

That's it for now. Hope this helped
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