Thursday, 23 February 2012

Hair Love of the week!


Heyy guys!
I tell you, everytime i see a picture of Corinne Bailey- Rae, a swarm of jealousy comes over me!
Ok, i'm kidding, I assure you it's all love, i would never 'hate' on someone just because they had nicer hair than me... that's just silly lol.

But anyway, i thought i'd try and incorporate a little series on my blog sharing some of the hairstyles i love with you guys. (Hopefully this wont fail like my 'Song-of-the-week series! ha)

To my knowledge, Corinne hasn't released a song over here in yonks. I remember her with her cute little spiral fro in the 'Put Your Records On' days and out of nowhere she has all this hair!
She's inspired me to go natural even more but as i'm still chicken i guess i'll stick to the braidout for now lol...


  1. her hair is soo lovely!! and it really suits her too, ahh, if only mine was like that!

    1. i know, right! lol I love how versatile she is with her hairstyles too x

  2. my hair is the most course ever.. i cant really say what her texture is but i love it.. i wish i had her hair ahh.. :P


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