Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Detangling Aid!

Heyy guys!
L-R: Shower Comb, Wide tooth styling comb, Small tooth comb
So have you ever been in a real bother after washing your hair, mainly because of the knots and tangles that form? Wellll, one way to successfully elimate this from happening is by using a wide tooth comb. I know many of you know this already but for some this may be new info....

When detangling your hair, i feel its best to use a wide toothed comb rather than a small toothed one as these tend to make knots worse, pushing it down the strand and it sometimes rips the knots out of your hair rather than untangling them... well from my experience anyway!

I tend to use wide tooth combs for general styling as well as detangling as it makes my hair feel so... smooth... lol that's a rubbish adjective, i know...
Anyway they're so cheap, and you can get them just about anywhere!

A tip to reduce the amount of tangling you get as a result of washing your hair would be to detangle lightly whilst in the shower using a shower comb. (I got mine from Superdrug for just under £2... Works a charm!) Combing through also helps to evenly distribute the conditioner throughout your hair.

Now, im not saying your hair will be tangle- free afterwards but it should help massively.
*Always remember to detangle starting from your ends, and work your way up!*

Hope this helps someone! :)


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