Tuesday, 24 January 2012

So Sleek!

 Heyy guys!
So i've been wanting to do another make- up post for a while now. I purchased two items from Sleek back in december, and i am in love with them! lol. I absolutely love eye make-up and more recently, blush. I got my hands on Sleek's Limited Edition PPQ eyeshadow palette and a Sleek blush in colour Coral.

The colours are so pigmented, which i love! It means that the colours really stand out on my skin, and they also blend so well.
As you can tell from the picture above my favourite colours to use have to be the gold (Golden Silvers), purple (Lilac Allen) and the red/brownish colour (Chris de Burgundy). Not together though lol. I love this palette as it has a mixture of matte colours as well as shimmery. My favourite look has to be the gold smokey eye.

By the time i did my smokey eye look this afternoon the lighting went soo bad lol... mainly because i'm so slow lol and it got super cloudy outside... and so my camera wasn't showing the right colours (the flash didn't help either). But i'll have that look for you in a later post :)
The blush is great. Very natural. I think it goes really well with my skin tone. I try not to use alot as i have quite high cheekbones and i want to avoid the clown look.

So, do any of you use Sleek products?
If so, do you have a favourite?


  1. I really like Sleek, I wish we had it in the US :/


    1. yea i didn't realise they didn't ship internationally :s
      I think they have a supplier on amazon though if that helps x

  2. Replies
    1. Yeaa it's a really nice colour, i like it. 'Suits darker skin tones really well x


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