Thursday, 26 January 2012

No heat needed!

So, my bendy rollers have been sitting in my room for quite some time now collecting dust so i thought i would attempt to curl my weave after i washed my hair. Bendy rollers (or flexi rods as they're also known) are great to use when you want to avoid using heat on your hair. It's a little bit like rollersetting but takes less effort.
Pack of 17- Amazon- £2.50
My bendy rollers are a little different. They come with these cool plugs to help secure it at the end. instead of folding it over.
So, as my hair was drying i started putting in the flexi rods. I ended up using them all but one, using the smaller rods at the back of my head and the larger rods towards the front. I'm thinking now though that i should have done it the other way around lol.
I sectioned the hair quite generously, using the thickness of about two tracks long and about a third of the rod wide (if that makes sense). Using the rods, i curled my hair outwards (away from my face) but then when i got to my fringe area i curled inwards (towards my face); a technique i got from ShirleybEniang on Youtube.
I slept on it overnight and this is the result...
I'm happy with it seeing as this was my first ever attempt at curling with bendy rollers. Hopefully i'll get better with it over time... And as they say, practice makes perfect :)

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

So Sleek!

 Heyy guys!
So i've been wanting to do another make- up post for a while now. I purchased two items from Sleek back in december, and i am in love with them! lol. I absolutely love eye make-up and more recently, blush. I got my hands on Sleek's Limited Edition PPQ eyeshadow palette and a Sleek blush in colour Coral.

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Bun it!

To keep my hair protected from factors such as the weather and from overmanipulation (brushing, combing and touching my hair excessively), i, like many others, tend to put my hair in a bun, away from my shoulders and clothing. As simple as they may seem, buns are known to also prevent split ends. 
But ladies, buns don't have to be boring! There are sooo many variations of the traditional bun out there that are workable on long as well as short hair. I thought i'd show you guys my three favourite buns.
I know they aren't traffic- stoppingly amazing but, meh, i like them :)
What d'you guys think?

Good to be back!

Heyy guys!
I'm finally back to regular blogging! :D. This is my first official post of the new year, since i wished you guys a happy new year a day early. Hope you've all been enjoying your first few weeks of 2012!

First semester exams are finally over! They went really well! :D. It's reading week now so i'm looking forward to getting my sleeping pattern back to normal!
In other news and i got a weave. Nothing special lol. Nevertheless i have one more hair post i drafted for you guys during xmas to get out, so that should be posted tomorrow later today!

Hiii to all my new followers! :D Hope you've enjoyed what you've read so far. Don't forget to leave comments. I love reading them.



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