Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Relaxer Update #1!

Hey! :)
So this is my relaxer update numero uno!
I'm going to try and keep this brief.

I got my hair relaxed at a salon in london yesterday. I relax with Dark & Lovely Normal No-Lye relaxer. I've been using it for years. I was tempted to switch to ORS olive oil but since i've been using Dark and Lovely with no complaints or problems (thus far) i think i'm going to stick with it. I didn't get a trim as i had planned to, but i don't think my ends are too bad at the moment.

My last relaxer was late july of this year and so my hair badly needed it. I stretched my relaxer for so long through a weave install  in august and the senegalese twists from sept- december.
Now, i dont know if it was because i hadn't had a relaxer in 5 months or if it was the relaxer itself, but the burning sensation i felt this time around was IMMENSE lol. As soon as my hairdresser had applied the relaxer i told her we had to rinse straight away! I've been getting relaxers for yeeeaarss and i had never felt a burn like i did yesterday. I was scared that my hair wouldnt relax properly as i didn't keep it in for long.. and trust me when i say my regrowth from the braids was soo bad!
Luckily my hair relaxed fine. No parts were under or over-processed, and my hair actually looks healthy now.
I got a free oil treatment so i made use of that. I just sat under the hooded drier for about 15mins, then i proceeded to get my hair blow dried and straightened (flat-ironed). I sort of regret not getting my hair trimmed, but i'll be sure to get it done next time.

I'm happy to say that i have reached APL (Armpit Length) at some parts of my hair. I'm not claiming it fully just yet but i hope to get to full APL sometime in the new year :)


Hey guys! Thank you in advance for your comments and feedback :) I always reply, so be sure to check back regularly for my responses :) Take Care.x


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