Tuesday, 13 December 2011

I have a curl pattern! :o

Heyy guys!
As there's now 12 days until christmas, i thought id try and do one post per day until then. ALSO i've got about 3-4 days left with my beloved senegalese twists (*wipes tear*) so i'm going to squeeze out as many posts about them as i can before they're gone. So if you've got any suggestions then please leave me a comment! :)

Anyway, I apologise for showing pictures of my scalp... Hope u dont find it weird lol.. but was so excited by the curls! lol
One of my bad habits has to be contstantly touching my hair. However, through doing this i recently discovered that my hair has gone super curly. It may seem stupid but i was never really aware of what my curl pattern was until now. I believe my last relaxer was late july :o so my hair is pretty much natural now underneath these braids.
I have to admit that lately i have a new found appreciation for natural hair. I've been watching so many natural hair journey vids on youtube that i'ts persuaded me slightly to go natural. BUT it won't be any time soon. I'm too addicted to that creamy crack we call relaxers, im afraid :)

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