Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Feelin' a bit festive

Hey guys! :)
So, I'm finally in the festive mood! It took a while, but i'm finally there. All the christmas decorations are up around campus, and i'm starting to hear a lot more xmas songs whilst out and about. I love xmas songs! Mariah Carey's All I Want for Xmas is one of my all time favs!

I think xmas is my favourite time of the year. It used to be birthdays, but as i get older i tend to be less interested in celebrating them. But i'm never too old for xmas! :p

The best bits about xmas for me are spending time with the family and friends, the FOOD :D (I love me some xmas grub!), the films that are shown on tv, and seeing the pretty decorations around town. My mum has a tradition of putting up all the xmas decorations in our house 12 days before xmas, then she takes them down 12 days after xmas. She always puts so much effort into making the house look nice. Since im not at home i wont be able to help her this year :( but i cant wait to see how shes decorated the tree when i finally go home. (10 more days!)

Anyway i found my little xmas hat i got a few years ago from TGI friday (they were giving them away to customers). I don't actually know why i brought it with me to uni lol, but im happy i did, as it's getting me into the xmas spirit. I've been wearing it around the house all day lol

So are any of you in the xmas spirit already like me? What's your favourite part about this holiday?
18 days to go!

x-Thanks for reading-x


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