Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Bye Bye Braids :(

Hey guys!
So the time came for me to take down my senegalese twists on saturday. I'm not going to lie, i will miss this hairstyle! I got so many compliments about it from friends as well as strangers lol, so it sort of boosted my confidence. They were quite easy to maintain, and i found that they didn't damage my hair too much. The only thing i regret is not finding enough hairstyles to do. They were waist length and so it made the simplest of styles so difficult to do. I found myself sticking to about 2 styles. So boring, i know.

I kept these braids in for about 3 months (sept-december) which is the shortest i've ever kept braids in, but i missed my hair so much! haha and i was so eager to start my hair journey properly (I'll do a relaxer update soon). PLUS my hair seemed to be thinning slightly at the front and so to prevent further damage i decided to take down the twists early.

Anyway, check out my past posts on my twists by clicking the links below
For info about my senegalese twists including prices, the hair used and number of packs used click here
For my braid maintenance (in brief) click here
For quick styles to do with twists click  here and here
For my braid take down regimen click here

For anyone thinking about getting this style, i say go for it!
If you have any questions then feel free to leave a comment, or email me at rebecca.awot@gmail.com and i'll be sure to reply :)

Ooo, and i've now added a signature at the end of my posts. What do you think?
Speak to you in my next post


  1. so sorry, i loved your braids! but u r always cute! great blog! now following!

  2. @SmileyGhis Aw thank you. i really appreciate it :)

  3. aww you have lovely hair :) i love your blog its soo cute :) xx poppymale.blogspot.com


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