Thursday, 17 November 2011

Ooo I love me some eyeliner!

Heyy guys!
So when it comes to make up its VERY minimal with me. I don't wear foundation as i have an odd skin tone lol so its hard to find the right shade for me, but i love wearing eye make up.. Espesh eyeliner!
I'm a liquid girl all the way! I love the finish it gives as opposed to gel liner and the pencil.
I'm currently working on some eyeliner tricks of my own, but heres a few celebs whose eyeliner i'm loving in the meantime!
Angelina Jolie... Love this!
Dita Von Teese                                                                  Lauren Conrad. I love her style so much!
Beyonce... The heavy eye make up really bring out her eyes!
Could not do this post without mentioning Amy Winehouse... RIP x

My fav eyeliner look has to be the winged look! What's yours?

x-Thanks for reading-x
All photos have been sourced from google


  1. Cool post, they all look pretty :)

  2. I love Beyonce's look. Unfortunately, I am HORRIBLE with applying liquid liner!

  3. @skippysays haha so was i. It just takes practice i guess :)


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