Sunday, 27 November 2011

Let's get things moving!

ello ello!
Im back :). Wow its been too long, but i'm finally half way through my uni assignments so i should hopefully be able to blog more, as my remaining coursework isnt too strenuous!

I've been on blogspot almost everyday since my last post, but i've just had no material to bring to you guys :(. Nevertheless, whilst away ive been browsing an endless amount of blogs and have decided to finally start my hair journey properly! I was always a bit apprehensive as i still have my senegalese twists in, and would prefer to work with real hair! lol. But i came to the conclusion that i was just making excuses. Besides, i shouldn't be neglecting my hair underneath!
SO, ive started to buy some staple products i will use during my hair journey including the Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Conditioner and the Herbal Essences Beautiful Ends (British version of Long term relationship), as i've heard such good reviews on both.

Just a few products and tools to start off my journey. I will be adding a lot more in the next few weeks

I've also bought JBCO (Jamaican Black Castor Oil), which i'm really excited to use! It should be delivered soon, so ill let you guys know when. Over the years, braids have thinned areas of my hair such as my hairline so hopefully the castor oil can thicken up my hair again.

So, at the moment im still looking for a good leave- in conditioner, heat serum, and an oil to seal my ends. I'm leaning towards Cantu Shea Butter, Fantasia IC heat serum and Coconut Oil.
What do you guys think? Any suggestions? Are there any products you would/ wouldn't recommend? I'd love to hear :)

x-Thanks for reading-x

Ooo, and i've joined Hairlista! Are any of you on there? It's amazing. I've really learnt a lot about hair care!


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