Friday, 4 November 2011

I love ruffles! + my new maxi skirt!

Heyy all!

So if you know me you'd know i love oversized clothing and ruffles as they are great at hiding lumps and bumps that show so obviously with bodycons and fitted clothes. During summer i found myself buying quite a few oversized tees and jumpers as i think theyr super comfy.
So, today yet another one of my many deliveries came from the lovely I purchased a black, fitted (-ish) maxi skirt for £10 (yes, £10! it was too cheap to ignore!) and an evening blouse.

I love my new maxi skirt! I was a bit apprehensive about getting it at first as 1) I'd never ordered from boohoo before and didnt want to get the wrong size and 2) The price convinced me that it may not be the best.
Nevertheless, its the perfect fit, its not too long and the material is really good quality.
I've been spending the last hour trying to pair it with items currently in my wardrobe. As the skirt is slightly fitted, i thought to balance it out on top with something baggy. My fav has to be the pairing with a swing top. I tucked it in to the skirt to give a ruffled effect.

x-Thanks for reading-x

ps. As it is really cold now i obviously wouldnt go out just like this lol. I later tried it on with some cable knits and my leather jacket and they went perfectly together!


Hey guys! Thank you in advance for your comments and feedback :) I always reply, so be sure to check back regularly for my responses :) Take Care.x


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