Wednesday, 2 November 2011

The high bun!

Hey guys!
So i dont really have much to blog about today except that i have finally achieved the high bun with these lonnnnng braids. Now i know you're probably thinking this is one of the simplest styles to do, but I've literally been trying to do it for dayss weeks lol. Every try has failed, mostly from it becoming too loose. But ive finally done it successfully! :)
Anyway, im thinking of doing more 'hairstyles for braids' posts while i can. What do you think?
Yes, No?

I've had these twists for about 7 weeks now, and i've got so much new growth. I dont know if you can tell from the picture. Im planning to take these down in january (long time, i know), so i cant wait to see how much my hair has grown!

Not sure if this will become my staple hairstyle, as all ill be thinking about is my big ol' forehead :|, but it is a nice change from constantly wearing my braids down...

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