Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Braids on Braids

Hi again! :)
It's dawned on me that i've haven't really posted about my twists in a while, which really was one of the reasons i started my blog. I've slightly dabbled into fashion, which by no means is my forte might i added! I'm starting to think i should just stick to what i know on my blog lol. But nevertheless i will still do the odd OOTD or occasional haul :)

So as part of my procrastination from university work, i have been watching soooooo many youtube videos for inspirations on hairstyles to pull off with my twists. I'm going to start basic! I'm not one for extravagant styles really.
So, a style that was so popular during summer was the fish tail braid! I know there have been soo many blog posts and YT videos on it so i hope you haven't gotten sick of them as i'm about to show you mine :)
I finally managed to do one... with my twists! Even better!
I really like braiding braids. I love the pattern clash it gives!
So here's my attempt at it.

I've sort of mentioned before how i love Lauren Conrad! Her style, her fashion, her make- up... everything! lol. I came across her vids on youtube and this is where i learnt how to do it, amongst many other styles. So check it out if you want some tips!
Source: Youtube

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  1. If you replied in the post.. I dont really remember which posts I commented hun lol.. x and i know right!? Working out really puts me in a great mood to.. and makes me feel more alert.. x

  2. i loved watching the hills haha great braid!


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