Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Braids on Braids

Hi again! :)
It's dawned on me that i've haven't really posted about my twists in a while, which really was one of the reasons i started my blog. I've slightly dabbled into fashion, which by no means is my forte might i added! I'm starting to think i should just stick to what i know on my blog lol. But nevertheless i will still do the odd OOTD or occasional haul :)

So as part of my procrastination from university work, i have been watching soooooo many youtube videos for inspirations on hairstyles to pull off with my twists. I'm going to start basic! I'm not one for extravagant styles really.
So, a style that was so popular during summer was the fish tail braid! I know there have been soo many blog posts and YT videos on it so i hope you haven't gotten sick of them as i'm about to show you mine :)
I finally managed to do one... with my twists! Even better!
I really like braiding braids. I love the pattern clash it gives!
So here's my attempt at it.

I've sort of mentioned before how i love Lauren Conrad! Her style, her fashion, her make- up... everything! lol. I came across her vids on youtube and this is where i learnt how to do it, amongst many other styles. So check it out if you want some tips!
Source: Youtube

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I gots me some JBCO!

Hey guys!
So as i said in my previous post, i finally ordered the Jamaican Black Castor Oil, and it arrived today. I purchased it from amazon through a company called GTB Natural. Their website is [here] so check them out if you wish! The delivery was really fast, and it was packaged really well! That's one thing i was worried about, it being in a glass bottle and all...

So anyway, i'm so happy i finally managed to get my hands on some JBCO after hearing such good reviews on it. So many people swear by this product as it is known to thicken hair and promote new growth. It's 100% natural and is made only from the seeds of a castor oil plant. One of the main criticisms i came across however was the smell. Endless amounts of people said they couldn't bare the smell, and this has deterred them from using it. In my opinion the smell really isnt that bad. I can understand where everyone is coming from though. Its not really a smell i would want in my hair for more than a few days, but its not overpowering (in my opinion) so dont let this prevent you from buying it... don't knock it 'til you've tried it, i say!

One thing that suprised me was the consistency of this oil.

On my finger it was quite runny (It took me ages to take a decent picture lol), but as soon as i applied it on my hair it was so thick! Almost like the thickness of honey.
So to apply this i just used my fingertip (as i'm yet to purchase an applicator bottle) and massaged it into my scalp. Bear in mind, i still have my senegalese twists in, so i just applied it on the partings made by the braid. I did this all over my head and then did a 5minute scalp massage. Because the jbco is quite thick, i doubt ill be applying it daily. For the moment i think i will fit it into my regimen before a co-wash day, and i may be adding some to my deep conditioner.
I'll hopefully be able to do a full review of this product in 2 months time, so watch out for that!

So, have any of you guys used JBCO before? What do you think of it?

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Disclaimer: I am in no way related to GTB Natural. This product was purchased with my own money and all opinions are my own.

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Let's get things moving!

ello ello!
Im back :). Wow its been too long, but i'm finally half way through my uni assignments so i should hopefully be able to blog more, as my remaining coursework isnt too strenuous!

I've been on blogspot almost everyday since my last post, but i've just had no material to bring to you guys :(. Nevertheless, whilst away ive been browsing an endless amount of blogs and have decided to finally start my hair journey properly! I was always a bit apprehensive as i still have my senegalese twists in, and would prefer to work with real hair! lol. But i came to the conclusion that i was just making excuses. Besides, i shouldn't be neglecting my hair underneath!
SO, ive started to buy some staple products i will use during my hair journey including the Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Conditioner and the Herbal Essences Beautiful Ends (British version of Long term relationship), as i've heard such good reviews on both.

Just a few products and tools to start off my journey. I will be adding a lot more in the next few weeks

I've also bought JBCO (Jamaican Black Castor Oil), which i'm really excited to use! It should be delivered soon, so ill let you guys know when. Over the years, braids have thinned areas of my hair such as my hairline so hopefully the castor oil can thicken up my hair again.

So, at the moment im still looking for a good leave- in conditioner, heat serum, and an oil to seal my ends. I'm leaning towards Cantu Shea Butter, Fantasia IC heat serum and Coconut Oil.
What do you guys think? Any suggestions? Are there any products you would/ wouldn't recommend? I'd love to hear :)

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Ooo, and i've joined Hairlista! Are any of you on there? It's amazing. I've really learnt a lot about hair care!

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Ooo I love me some eyeliner!

Heyy guys!
So when it comes to make up its VERY minimal with me. I don't wear foundation as i have an odd skin tone lol so its hard to find the right shade for me, but i love wearing eye make up.. Espesh eyeliner!
I'm a liquid girl all the way! I love the finish it gives as opposed to gel liner and the pencil.
I'm currently working on some eyeliner tricks of my own, but heres a few celebs whose eyeliner i'm loving in the meantime!
Angelina Jolie... Love this!
Dita Von Teese                                                                  Lauren Conrad. I love her style so much!
Beyonce... The heavy eye make up really bring out her eyes!
Could not do this post without mentioning Amy Winehouse... RIP x

My fav eyeliner look has to be the winged look! What's yours?

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All photos have been sourced from google

Monday, 14 November 2011


Heyy guys!
So today i'm coming to you with my nail of the day. I've added another colour to my Barry M collection... well it's really my mums but i thought i'd borrow it for a while lol. It's a deep red colour. When i first put it on it looked almost bloody- red. 'Goes perfectly with the black cherry lipstick i got a few weeks ago by Revlon :)

In other news, i've deactivated my facebook finally! Trust this is an achievement for me!haha. 'Got 2 essays to do for next monday so i've got my work hat on. Ill still be blogging, mind :)
Have a lovely week xx

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Saturday, 12 November 2011

Evening at the cinema

Hey guys!
So im back in London for a week, finally! Feels good to be home. It wasnt planned at all, but i decided to go to the cinema, which i havent done in agesss. I went to see a film called Trespass. I watched the trailer on youtube and i was sold. It looked really interesting. I wont spoil it for anyone, but yea it was alright. It was a bit slow- starting in my opinion but the storyline was good. It stars Nicholas Cage and Nicole Kidman as two of the main characters and Cam Gigandet! <3

I  think he has such a nice smile and perfect teeth in the film lol so that was nice to watch lol. Anyway i recommend this film to anyone who likes crime and action films.. actually i think anyone will like it really. The storyline is not at all predictable so i think you will be entertained if you were to go see it.
Hope you're all well!
What was the last thing you saw at the cinema? xx

*All photos have been sourced from google*

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Friday, 11 November 2011

Make a wish! :)

Evening again!
Just want to remind my fellow brits to make a wish at 11:11pm . Its extra special as today is 11/11/11. Im not really that superstitous but i do make a wish every morning and every night at 11:11 as i feel it does bring me luck at times. Does anyone else do this? lol. I know im not the only one

ps i havent forgotten the real of the real importance of today. RIP to all who have lost their lives in battle xx

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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Healthy Diet= Healthy hair "challenge"

Evening all!

So I've noticed recently  have been snacking like mad! I once heard a doctor on tv say that we put on the most weight when we eat or snack whilst watching tv and when our attention is generally elsewhere. Lemme say i totally agree! Ive never had any major issues with my weight (and i hate people who go on about theirs) but like most people i do have problem areas (mine being my stomach) which highlight to me that i need to watch what i eat.
Its mostly when im revising or working that i tend to snack on carbs like biscuits, and i make meals on the basis of time (how long it will take to prepare) rather than nutrition.
So, as part of my hair journey i am going to change this. I am going to call it my Healthy Diet= Healthy Hair challenge.
(Side Note: A healthy diet is proven to lead to healthier, stronger hair. My diet is currently quite balanced, but im hoping to eliminate the unhealthy snacking between meals)

So next week is reading week at my uni so i thought this would be the perfect time for me to start. At present i have 2 challenges but i hope to add more throughout the week

Challenge 1: Replace all snacks with healthy alternative such as fruit
Challenge 2: Drink at least 2 bottles of water a day ( I currently only drink one glass of water a day :S)
Challenge 3: tbc

I'll let you know how it goes at the end of next week :)

PS as i said before its reading week next week so ill be posting a lot more. Sorry for my absence and lack of posts!

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Friday, 4 November 2011

I love ruffles! + my new maxi skirt!

Heyy all!

So if you know me you'd know i love oversized clothing and ruffles as they are great at hiding lumps and bumps that show so obviously with bodycons and fitted clothes. During summer i found myself buying quite a few oversized tees and jumpers as i think theyr super comfy.
So, today yet another one of my many deliveries came from the lovely I purchased a black, fitted (-ish) maxi skirt for £10 (yes, £10! it was too cheap to ignore!) and an evening blouse.

I love my new maxi skirt! I was a bit apprehensive about getting it at first as 1) I'd never ordered from boohoo before and didnt want to get the wrong size and 2) The price convinced me that it may not be the best.
Nevertheless, its the perfect fit, its not too long and the material is really good quality.
I've been spending the last hour trying to pair it with items currently in my wardrobe. As the skirt is slightly fitted, i thought to balance it out on top with something baggy. My fav has to be the pairing with a swing top. I tucked it in to the skirt to give a ruffled effect.

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ps. As it is really cold now i obviously wouldnt go out just like this lol. I later tried it on with some cable knits and my leather jacket and they went perfectly together!

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

The high bun!

Hey guys!
So i dont really have much to blog about today except that i have finally achieved the high bun with these lonnnnng braids. Now i know you're probably thinking this is one of the simplest styles to do, but I've literally been trying to do it for dayss weeks lol. Every try has failed, mostly from it becoming too loose. But ive finally done it successfully! :)
Anyway, im thinking of doing more 'hairstyles for braids' posts while i can. What do you think?
Yes, No?

I've had these twists for about 7 weeks now, and i've got so much new growth. I dont know if you can tell from the picture. Im planning to take these down in january (long time, i know), so i cant wait to see how much my hair has grown!

Not sure if this will become my staple hairstyle, as all ill be thinking about is my big ol' forehead :|, but it is a nice change from constantly wearing my braids down...

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Song of the Week: P. Diddy ft. Mario Winans- Through the Pain (She told me)

I realised i didnt do a Song of the Week last week, so here it is!
It's an old one, but i recently heard it again after so long and i havent been able to get it out of my head since.
Here's the video for you guys. Hope you enjoy!

"She tolllllddd meeeee" (8)
Source: Youtube

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