Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Revlon Super Lustrous Black Cherry lipstick

Heyy guys!
So the postman finally came today with my recent purchase. After hearing and reading so many good reviews i decided to buy the Revlon Super Lustrous lipstick in Black Cherry! I've been looking for a nice red lipstick for a while now and so i thought i'd give this a try.

This little, tiny tube literally came in this huge box lol. Such a waste of resources!

Voila! Here it is.
The colour is a reddish/plum shade which is the colour for autumn/fall. At first i was a bit apprehensive about wearing this because it does look really dark.. almost like a vampire red... but as soon as i actually applied it i was a lot more comfortable. Here's a swatch of the Black Cherry. The shade on the right is the red lipstick i used to wear. (I don't know the brand, sorry!)

So anyway, this is how it looks on... (please excuse my faces lol)

I'm really pleased with this product! The shade is just right for my skin tone. It's quite bold so i'll probably be wearing this on a night out rather than during the day. I've paired it with my leopard skin cardi as i think it complements the colour really well.

*I will add more pictures soon. I looked back at the ones i posted originally and decided i didnt like them lol. So look out for the updated ones soon! xx*

Revlon Super Lustrous Black Cherry lipstick- £7.49 from Superdrug.
You can also purchase it at Boots or via Revlon's website

Toodles for now xx


  1. pretty colors, I'm thinking of getting darker fall colors too!

  2. I've been meaning to get this lipstick for a while now, but seeing the colour on you just makes me wanna get it NOW!! I'm deffo picking that up today. x

  3. @Crystal Thank you. U should. I highly recommend this shade! :) x

  4. Yes!! This color looks so GOOD on you!


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