Saturday, 15 October 2011

I'm growing up...!

Heyy guys!
I really wanted to be more consistent with my blog posts but i've been so busy with university work and other little things..
I dont think ive explained that i am in my final year at uni. Im studying accounting and finance, but i definitely don't think i fit the stereotype! Im very much into fashion and art.. its always been my first love.. but my love for maths and finance grew more over the years i guess. So the time has come to start applying for graduate jobs. Thing is, at the moment im probably only 80% sure about what i want to do. My path is clear but my destination is misty. Now, that is still a good percentage to go on but 100% is always more favourable in my eyes.

I feel so grown up! To think in around 7months time ill be finished with academia! I literally cannot wait to get into the working world. I have a part time job, which i enjoy dont get me wrong, but i cant wait to start earning from doing a job i love!

So im starting my job applications tomorrow. I find it so hard to write about myself on applcation forms etc. I hate talking about myself generally. Its so easy to write a quick bio about myself on my blog, for example, to 'sell' myself to others but i find it so much harder when it comes to job applications. But i suffice!

Im home for the weekend and so im definitely getting some advice from my mum. She's always such a good help with stuff like this.
Wish me luck!


  1. Good luck with your final year, I am so nervous for when I go to uni!

  2. @Dolly Daydream Thank you! :)
    Awh, dont be. It'll be such a good experience! x


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