Sunday, 30 October 2011

How was your weekend?

This weekend went so quickly! I have literally been doing uni assignments everyday of this week, hence my absence from blogging.

I'm currently sitting on my bed, watching a bit of the xfactor (Loving Alexandra Burke as a guest judge btw!) whilst simultaneuously watching vids on youtube and browsing blogs. It feels like this is the first bit of free time i've had for a while.

So, in other news.. my parents came to visit today. It was soo nice to see them. I haven't been back at uni for long, but im so close to my fam so i miss them even if i havent seen/spoken to them for as little as 48 hours. They came with food, gossip and laughter so that made my day much better.

On a darker note.. its monday tomorrow :/ and the work begins again.

Expect a new post on wednesday guys! So catch you later xx

Ohh, how was your weekend??

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