Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Hair Journey: Protective Style- Maintenance

Hello again! :)
Just thought i'd make a post about how i have been maintaining my senegalese twists so far. I have had my twists in for 1 month now and i had my first wash day last saturday. The products i use to wash my hair, in and out of its ptotective style is 'Elasta QP Shampoo for Relaxed Hair'. Which looks like so...
I only came across this product recently (... by chance actually) but it really does work! Together with the 'Elasta QP Intense Fortifying Conditioning Treatment' works wonders! I found that using both products on my relaxed hair worked really well. My hair didnt feel dry afterwards like it would with other products i have used, and my hair felt so soft, with no tangling, as if i had got it done professionally at a salon. I was really impressed, and so i have switched most of my hair products to Elasta QP.
So getting back on track... I was quite apprehensive about using this product with a protective style as what it says on the tin is that it is exclusively for relaxed hair. Nevertheless, i went on to use it and it was fine. To wash my hair i rubbed a small amount of the shampoo into my hands and just worked through the partings in my hair and massaged my scalp. (No scratching!) When finished, i just rinsed. Simple! On this occassion i did not condition my hair afterwards but i will do after a month or two.
I moisturise my hair daily using yet another Elasta QP product! The 'Elasta QP Recovery Anti Breakage Oil Moisturiser'. This is an oil based moisturiser with coconut oil, olive oil and avocado oil, so you can believe it smells gooooooooood! :) I use this product mostly at night before i go to bed and lightly massage my scalp before wrapping the braids in a silk hair scarf.
I think with twists as well as any type of braid it is important that you moisturise your hair regularly (everyday.. or every other day) to avoid breakage, but im probably preaching to the choir here lol. When it comes to washing your hair in braids i think it is harder to say. Do what feels comfortable to you.

Hope this post helped anyone reading it :D


  1. Great review - and it really works???
    I definetely should give this a try:) I'll really need to take better care of my hair!


  2. @LeisyThank you :) Yea definitely give it a go, i really do recommend it! Your hair looks lovely by the way!


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